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Welcome to the Fifth Density;

The entire Multiverse is going through a historic change of vibration. What is it that is making you ascend spiritually from the third dimension to the fifth dimension?

Did you know that you may have been, or are you in the fifth dimension and haven't realized it? So you likely have felt some signs of the fifth dimension. And you haven't realized the power they have.

The fifth dimension is a sensation where you can perceive different timelines in which knowledge, insight, and intuition happen simultaneously. What does One manifest when experiencing being on the fifth dimension, and what is the most powerful sign you have experienced without realizing it?

Understand that the first three densities can be seen with the naked eye in the physical world in which one lives, in which all and everything has width, height, and depth; on the other hand, the spiritual dimensions are not places as such but states of Consciousness the more these dimensions are expanded, the greater the evolution one will have.

The fifth dimension, the non-physical world, is experienced only by spiritually awakened people. Moving to the fifth dimension does not mean that one day you will wake up and everything will be perfect, but there are challenges and lessons one has as entry points to a consciousness. In a spiritual awakening, all senses intensify to adjust to new frequencies. Still, no one can see or manifest anything that one is not conscious of or match the vibration of other densities without raising one's own vibration as a new way of living.

Getting rid of one's EGO and directing the thought process raises one's vibration to a high level of Consciousness. When there is a high level of Consciousness, it is essential to know that all evolution begins to happen and can be experienced after a crisis. It is possible that anyone's spiritual awakening process is not progressive but can manifest abruptly, suddenly, and intensely.

Whether due to an illness, an accident, giving birth or abortion, or even an intense emotional experience, a significant loss of a loved one, a pet, or a valuable object for you, or by deep involvement in a meditative practice. The fifth density is similar to our reality but works much more frequently. It is not about being physically on another plane but incorporating a new frequency level; therefore, one's life, body, mind, and emotions begin to vibrate at a higher speed to incorporate more light into one's field of conscious awareness. It is not just about understanding on an intellectual level that we are all one from the same Source, God—multiversal energy but seeing and feeling it.

In the fifth-density, the energy body is wholly restructured; one can experience a feeling of change. Cellular memories are cleared, and old energy templates no longer serve are removed. It is like upgrading one's brain software; stress is one of the first things that shift. Consequently, one will notice a gradual awareness of patterns beginning to break. They appear as endless cycles of the same problems or things that one dislikes; the cycles will begin to break, freeing the vicious circle one created at first.

Being on the fifth-density, one becomes more sensitive to vibrations. Meaning that one can trust one's true feelings and intuition as it increases. One prefers to stay in environments with more energy and light. The understanding that One's energy is the most valuable thing one possesses. The energy field will become a priority, and one will care about energy hygiene; by becoming a self-aware spiritual priority. Consequently, one experiences a lot of energy cleansing that helps learn more about inner power, think more clearly, and feel much lighter.

While shifting to higher densities, one becomes aware by experiencing soul-based connections with others, perhaps meeting people with a deep and genuine mutual and instant recognition connection.

Since there is an alignment within the true inner self, one's conscience expands, which makes more sense of awareness of what one truly wants to be guided by the intelligence of one's heart. Healing the subconscious beliefs and experiencing inner peace as the body heals old wounds and beliefs become more stable in one's state of mind.

It becomes more evident that one cannot help everyone who is not awake as the ability to respect the decisions of others even though you feel that you have the ability to help everyone. Even so, it is about respecting free will, which is one of the essential components of this universe. In the fifth density, one understands that the only help that works is exchanging energy equally since you understand that if the other person resists your energy. Therefore helping will not be worth anything, nor will it have any effect, so one will only end up exhausted.

Awakening and raising vibrations assist one in learning to trust others and their decisions as one becomes more connected with one's Higher self, realizing that other people choose their lessons at the soul level, and one has the ability to send them love, respect their space, and trust their own time without invading them.

And so it is that one begins to be aware of the powerful light one becomes, realizing how positive it is. When that happens, all insecurities decrease, and one becomes more assertive with oneself and others. If you do not shine, your body will likely feel the need to do so, and you will feel joy without knowing the reason.

As self-love vibrates, an observer of one's life will become, allowing higher Consciousness to guide among the best choices one can take. Being an observer is also one of the better ways that allow one not to get stuck in the third dimension. Adjusting the emotional and mental body cleanses and brings awareness to the importance of being proactive and working on one's energy. Feeling more physical and spiritual energy guides one to retake any sport, dancing, or physical movement, which helps you discharge much-accumulated energy. Therefore, one begins to feel much healthier physically.

One will begin to work more consciously with one's multidimensional self, which consists of the fact that becomes clearer the other extensions of self-distributed in various dimensions or that we have the ability to recognize in which dimensions we are working at each moment of our lives with the ability to change dimensions, we want in a much easier way. It allows one to become a conscious creator of reality and speak the heart's words into existence with the perfect knowledge that they will come true.

The more rooted one is in the present moment, the easier one can understand all past and present circumstances. Expressing joy for being alive and recognizing the interconnection and interdependence of all beings, love for all nature creates a new sense of unity with all and everything, assisting one to start feeling more kinder to others.

This new approach to one's perspective of reality impacts the way one sees and experiences life. When shifting one Consciousness to the fifth-density, one begins to change beliefs to a new way of thinking and no longer be the same person, and it is even possible that one no longer recognizes itself as the person once one was in the past.

This is because the mind becomes more evident and can see through the layers of the Ego. Being able to see beyond self and people, having the wisdom to understand how to cross the walls people put on so as not to open up to the illumination of the fifth density. Consequently, one experiences enlightenment as a feather, not as the light of a candle. One's thoughts become more stable and calm; above all, one will have more space within the mind of Consciousness itself.

All the above can be perceived as one shifts the mind into the fifth density little by little with more frequency, depending on the state of ascension and self-agreements the soul has chosen.

Perhaps one can resonate with some or all of these experiences; if not, do not feel frustrated about reaching the fifth-density. In due time, just as nature does, one will awaken the multidimensional senses slow process that requires a lot of patience and emotional intelligence; the great news is. If you read this information, you are transitioning to the fifth density.

Divine Consciousness of the ONE, the Limitless Power of the "Mighty I AM Presence," flows forth to each individual and gives that which he is ready to receive, bringing enlightenment and the decision to everyone. Be conscious that your own minds are such powerful Divine Centers that you can make quick, unerring decisions at any time through the Power of Divine Love.




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