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Through you, they live,

Can you believe that the reptilians are mostly removed from planet Earth now?

Yes, it's true!

Even though this is excellent news, we still have billions of people on this planet with r's inside them today. The vast majority will not "wake up" in order to accept the Arcturian healing in this lifetime. The problem is about 33% of the world's population does not have internet access, and many other countries don't allow their people access to these types of information and healings, such as mine. The other sad part is that people who know about the r's feel denial to believe they are within.

The alien reptilians were so utterly entrenched in the fabric of our world's society, government, commerce, military, industry, and religions that it seemed hopeless to so many. The thought that they could be eradicated seemed like a pipe dream back then.

Once the r's are in, it is forever, life after life after life, echoing their destructive, negative patterns all over again.

Until now, when a human died with the r's inside them, they had been automatically recycling themselves in that person's new reincarnated body, therefore, without recourse, bringing those r's back with them to start this perpetual cycle of negativity all over again. The problem is, once you have r's in you, they become imprinted in your soul, and no matter how many times you have reincarnated, they are inside you at the time of birth in your next life.

Humanity could NOT fight the power of the r's on their own. We needed extraordinary help, and the Universe responded to our pleas by providing the Arcturians. Before the Arcturian intervention, there had been no hope of eradicating the r's since they had no natural "predator" to extract them from within humanity and the planet. That all changed when the Arcturians answered the pleas of the untold number of crying souls and dramatically entered the scene in 2010. You see, the r's don't give a damn about you or your consent. They don't give a damn if you give permission or not for them to possess you.

The Arcturians responded to the cries of the people; the r's had free rein and were close to the tipping point for humanity being ultimately destroyed on planet Earth. When we started these remarkable healings in 2012, 75% of the people on this planet had r's inside them. At the beginning of this decade, 2020, that percentage had been reduced to 72%. At the close of 2022, it is closer to 67% and falling each year.

That being said, they are still inside 67% of the population alive on this planet today. A reduction from 3/4ths of the world population to almost 2/3rds in just 13 years!

The release of the reptilians and more is the best gift you can offer yourself and your family; for more information, follow the link. A bonus will be offered upon booking your remote healing.

Love and Light to you all!



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