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The End of the Matrices programs;

The following knowledge may overwhelm many to their core, but understand that this was the program of eighteen Matrices humanity participated in for thousands of years. Perhaps the mind may go into denial with the contents of this document; however, if curiosity brought you to read this, perhaps your higher self is guiding you to take action to activate your DNA. Kindly send me an email if you are serious about it.

To awaken your mind, maybe past lives incarnation accumulated within to assist planetary restoration. Please read carefully and understand that you are part of the entire consciousness itself and, therefore, the Creator of realities shifting over and over to infinity. You will be challenged at every level, and it will change your life at all levels of understanding.

It is a choice to live Consciously and be fully awake during the most extraordinary change this Universe has experienced in billions of years of its Galactic history. You choose to be here at this very moment of the Earth's reality choosing to experience what is unfolding. Right now. We are merely shining the Light on these choices you have made.

Before and after reading, keep in mind that you must remain Centered in your Heart – Love is always the answer to all. Fear doesn't even exist in higher Dessities of Light; stay in your Loving nature, out of Judgment with clear thoughts and out of Fear. Always Choose Love, Thoughts, Words, and Actions Creates Reality!

The following information is the most crucial information ever shared because it explains the eighteen Matrices Humanity was connected to and all that happened to Humanity's Chakras system.

♥ Blessings!



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