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Plea to all who possesses a HEART,

Sacred hearts, this is a plea to all the legions of the heart rhythms to ask all from the Heart now more than ever to exercise complete control of the type of information one entertains in the mind, body, and spirit. Each One's individualized portion of consciousness has the right to choose the reality they will entertain, such as fear or Love.

The sole purpose of allowing Ascension upon the planetary sphere to succeed is now primordial; each Heart as a portion of consciousness upon Earth activating the internal rhythms of the Heart centeredness LOVE frequency to all no matter what.

One can easily activate the rhythms of Love and compassion frequency; many Hearts on Earth can accomplish this by using the word and expression from the Heart known as Love. Visualize, feel, or sense the Love expression and repeat the word Love inside One's consciousness. It becomes the only word that resumes within the mind, body, and spirit stream of consciousness.

With Love, feel the echo of oneself Heartbeating, feel grateful for the gift of LOVE bestowed by the ONE Heart creator of all Love is the greatest form of magic density in reality, speak to your Heart;

My beloved Heart, the light of all-knowing moving the Light and Love of the One Heart mirroring the image of eternal Love within all. The Love of the One, from which all we become ONE beating together in unison throughout the lay lines Divine mother Earth intelligence of the ONE. I am Love; the integrated Divine accreted consciousness of the ONE ascended in me at all times in safety empowerment, consistency, Love, freedom, and truth, and beyond time and space, I am this I am.

The Love expression allows and retains the frequency of LOVE, a universal experience of reality flourishing, giving One's Heart the opportunity to activate the internal vibration, which shall lead each Heart to experience the new changes of reality composed mainly of Love.

The Heart can be activated by recognizing the existence of this Divine light frequency that connects us all, the heartbeat of all consciousness beating together across the Earth the rhythms of Love. A plea Divine Hearts to all who desire align with higher vibration for the greatest good of all with the universal experience of the reality of the Fifth Dimension entering your Hearts.

Celebrate the One heart omnipotent frequency within; One is a tiny part of the fractal; nevertheless, one completes the whole! Looking daily at one's reflection through the mirror of life, One looks at the entire Universe projecting out each day. So, emit Love from within and see the magic begin.

Be thankful for our Divine Mother Earth; honor and respect are the bases of a new world to live in harmony with the world around us. Feel a deep interconnection with the plants, animals, and people in your life. These things give One life's purpose and meaning when One works in divine cooperation with the whole. There is nothing like this new reality to create the future; TOGETHER One Heart united by pure love frequency is the absolute freedom to be the new world of the fifth dimension within.

Here is a Message to all;

"Blessed are you who love. Love is the ultimate experience in this life. Love will provide you with the riches of the Universe. Practice true and deep soul love. Soul love comes from the deepest level of your being. Love embraces all. Love is beyond the understanding of the human part of you.

To embrace and know it at its deepest level, one must first tap into the spirit, which is who you really are. Pray to understand and practice loving those whom you believe do not deserve it. All deserve Love. All respond to love. Love is the most potent medicine in existence. We challenge you to use this power to change your world. Do not be skeptical until you try. To change your situation requires that you be Love and nothing less."

- Saint Germain,

Follow your Heart! Share and experience the Love to all;

Always, ♥



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