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Omnipotent Love Flame,

My beloved hearts, Love, Wisdom, and self-governance in all things, Thy Divine Justice, is ever operating in the lives and worlds of those who enter the doors of the One Heart's omnipotent Love. Give praise and thanks that Thou art the sovereignty and self Governance Divine Intelligence of the One Heart ruling all things.

Each human being has a power intended to be the governing principle of their Life and world. In the recognition that within each human being is the "I AM Presence of God source" ever acting. Awakening is one's birthright; Divine imagining and human imagining are not two powers at all but rather one. An awakened Imagination works with a purpose. It creates and conserves the desirable and transforms or destroys the undesirable. The valid distinction acting at a higher level of Consciousness is an immediate objective fact.

Whether imagination is keyed high or low, it is the "ultimate, essentially non-objective Reality from which objects are poured forth like sudden fancies" No object is independent of imagining on some levels. Whether or not one succeeds in reversing the transformation of one divine essence, know that all transformations of whatever torments or keeps each in the shadows will be transformed.

Each Divine Heart must do its part and choose to live in the shadows or the Light to transform one's sorrow.

Today December 23, the emanating Light is activating more than ever the original blueprint opening the gateway light of heaven on Earth, reigniting the golden fire of love and Light within one's Heart.

The Divine Consciousness of Earth is now directly reconnected and dedicated to the Light of Source renewed Once again, after millions of years, those who stole her might. Beloved Hearts, rejoice and open your hearts to listen to my voice as the entrance of the Christ consciousness within your mighty Hearts; Love and Light will be once again reignited, for I will show you that I AM this I am.

As the lay lines of Divine Mother Earth light up through her veins of GOLD within her mighty vessel across the entire planetary Consciousness, this Divine light essence from SOURCE will flow through the Earth's divine intelligence for all her nature, including all precious Hearts, and becoming ONENESS once and ever after.

This ascension will be an epic everlasting event, entering a new plane of existence for all that is; let the intelligence of One Heart receive this mighty Christalline Light.

The omnipotent eminence stands above the absence of Light, permanently terminating Darkness once and for all through the Light cycle. Darkness will not be able to hold this mighty and omnipotent Love and Light the Creator of all is bestowing upon the now Eminent Ascension and awakening of God's beloved creations.

Feel gratitude for the divine connection the Creator bestowed upon one's Heart; breathe and exhale, and feel the comfort one's body needs. Then, imagining feeling or sense that all the negative of the world is only a manipulation program and ended. This powerful realization will shift one Consciousness as often as possible. Remember that the problem is what perpetuates the problem that presents the solution to the problem. The problem one does not create; One does not have.

Be in your Heart and be the Light! Experience the effects of the Christalline Etheric Light as it continues to be downloaded into all open hearts. This is Amazing, yet only each person can believe it or continue to create a nonexistent reality. Feel the bliss one Hearts prayer produces within a definite feeling or state of Consciousness; then, inversely, that particular feeling or state of Consciousness must produce one desired prayer.

Like never before in a million years, the Light has won over the absence of Light, and it finally came to the End. As I mentioned, here on Earth, there are ET beings and enhanced human beings(those who were born awakened) who come to assist humanity in shifting their Consciousness at this time of ascension and have been battling against the dark forces.

One may ask why one can't see them? Because One has to work and use their Hearts understanding and activate the magnificent body vehicle vortices (chakra system) and Heart divine intelligence to communicate with them. Thank you all, Divine Hearts, Consciousness on Earth, for being part of this magnificent moment of the liberation of EARTH subjugation. Gratitude to our Galactic families for doing the work that one would never be able to do at this time due to the manipulation of one Consciousness; thank you, Divine healers and Star seed on Earth, for your participation and hard work.

The awakening of your divine Hearts will be the most beautiful expression of the ONE. Within each Divine Heart, the magnificent Christalline Light enters as the Winter Solstice, not as a crystalline light but as Christ's light source. This ChristallineEthreic Light is activating Life in all its expressions on Earth.

How divine the presence of the Winter Solstice, and the Awakening of Consciousness, is conveyed to humanity—representing in the birth of their Christ consciousness, Crown Chakra Activity for all. Entering more than ever on December 25. Their Divine temple, One Heart, uses the "I AM Presence," setting into motion the Love and Intelligence of their mighty vessel to do their bidding according to the direction of that Limitless Power. For so long, individuals have wondered how to attain Christ's Consciousness, a now reality.

Infinite Presence of God! We praise and thank for the many lifetime's humanity has been waiting to receive the pure Light of the Christ consciousness. The Christallineand Etherical Light will heal and awaken their hearts like never before entering on December 21. As the pinnacle point for Thy ceaseless Infinity of the LOVE essence.

Thy Blessings, Thy Wisdom, Thy Intelligence to act through each one, giving peace of mind, wellness of body, and joy of Heart, to go forth the Ruling, Conquering, Victorious Presence over all things. Divine Hearts praise and thanks that the "Mighty Presence I AM," God in Action, governs all official places, causing Thy Perfection to be ever-operative and Self-sustained in Thy Name and through Thy Presence.

The first mighty step is recognizing the "Great I AM Presence," God dwelling in you. The second step is in using that "I AM Presence," for when one says "I AM," with the understanding of what It means, one has then and there entered into the Christ Consciousness. The third is to let go of the negative narratives that contract One Heart rather than expand it.

The "I AM" prevents the development of anything out of Balance. "I AM" is the All-Balance, because It is the Power and Governing Intelligence of all Perfection of the one Heart. Its very activity compels the Balance. The "I AM" Command is the activity of the thing already there, propelling it into the outer activity. When the Heart expresses 'I AM the Resurrection and the Life" and live in it day after day, One will heal the torments of the mind, body, and spirit, just as One can only decide where One desires to dwell.

Praise and thank that Thou art the ever-sustaining, invincible power in our world. The mighty Creator God and Omnipotent Love always find a way to help those whose hearts were lost. The One Heart resides within one's beloved abode. Each one has this divine connection waiting to make contact in divine time and divine order.

Praise and thank you, Father-Mother of the entire Multiverse, for letting me witness your mighty at this time in human history for everything that exists. Thank you for the abundance that surrounds me, for all this spiritual and physical abundance that serves me to continue my spiritual learning of evolution through the kingdoms of existence. May love and light within be abundant and filled with blessings and prosperity for all sentient beings in the Multiverse.

Choose to live, love, and be divine forever; I am you, you are me, we are ONE!

Blessings! ♥



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