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Liberty and Peace,

The controllers knew that the quantum leap would occur, which is why they affected the entire planet with their biological traps. They did not want humanity to be free; fortunately, this is not something they can avoid. They couldn't subjugate humanity because the quantum leap had already occurred; the Earth's liberation and awakening is a Divine Plan.

Every soul on Earth does their part, awakened or not, as this is the Divine plan that must take place in all God's creations. Just so, when humanity understands the power of their precious Hearts, the subatomic particle, a spark of Light exists in all.

Every moment, there is a higher spiritual frequency percentage of Divine souls incarnated on Earth for this very purpose. They are awakening the masses, and sadly, the controllers' attacks are even more direct. They have no respect or empathy; they desire to destroy the bearers of Light and truth. These attacks are increased due to their despair of being unable to continue their world control.

The controllers are attacking Earth with all their arsenal; regardless, they are dying from the lack of the negative energies that each one produces. Desperately, by all means, discredited, banned, contaminating, and attacked starseeds information, preventing authentic Light beings from continuing to awaken humanity so as not to awaken others. Use discernment, listen to your Hearts at all times, and share messages that could make a quantum leap to others.

It is a real quantum leap; how much has already happened, and no one can stop it. Human connection and sympathy for animals as they respond to us uniquely and lovingly. Humanity has also realized the lack of mistreatment and disrespect for The Divine Mother Earth. Unity is the basis of freedom; separation will only create suffering and desolation.

Baby's Divine starseeds, born day by day, do not come to experience the incarnation; they come to help us make the shift. They are small and powerful teachers; that is why at birth, they want to inoculate to disconnect them from their Divine purpose of helping humanity make a change in a 3D Matrix to one of unconditional Love, sovereignty, and self-governance. These tiny Divine Angels embody change and transformation with Love, compassion, and respect toward all life forms. Together we can create a total change.

The transition to freedom will be a new timeline, depending on each one doing their part. Being in touch with One's soul's inner being, the divine connection of your high Self will open the doors to the world of Love. Looking within one's precious Heart is where the quantum leap progresses to last. Let go of antagonistic narratives and observe objectively, not emotionally, to avoid being surprised again. Forgive them and stop looking outside for answers; they are in One's Heart. Love, forgive, be yourself, be loved, define and see the world blossom like never before. Raise your frequency, be kind and understand darkness is part of consciousness and it is part of free will.

Human beings are the most powerful energy creators. One's Divine vortices are expressions of the whole universe and depend on the polarity one's aligns, creating the emotional frequencies from which these negative entities manipulate and control all. They feed through human-programmed fear, hatred, pain, mutual resentment, sadness, revenge, depression, aggression, judgment, indifference, separation, suffering, envy, blasphemy, criticism, pain, ignorance, and disrespect.

Instead, your Divine sovereignty and commitment are primordial to continue awakening your brothers and sisters. One's commitment is to avoid participating in the physical world of mental manipulation programs. These only conduct, facilitate, and delivers one's energy to the machinery that feeds on darkness. One must avoid being the food or sustenance on the farm of predators.

Whatever happens during the transition, remember that humans volunteered to be here in this unique and unprecedented time, and now One must do One's part, becoming the change for the greatest good of all. For thousands of years of incarnation, without darkness, one couldn't see the Light that has won over darkness; A free world belongs to all who are genuine in their Hearts; together, with one voice, we are ONE.

The awakening of sovereignty, free will, Love, and compassion in humanity has awakened the collective assisting the Divine, Mother Earth, with more unconditional LOVE frequency. Like many starseed channeling, a man using the name of Kabamur claims to be receiving messages from the Pleiadians; the following is one of many messages.

In 2016 the Galactic Federation missed specific opportunities created for the Great Awakening event. There is a parallel Earth where humanity shifted into the new timeline on April 2nd, 2021, 11 p.m. Eastern time. All those who shift will travel backward in time to this date immediately upon shifting to the new Earth. Therefore, the entire population will be ready to meet their Galactic families, have a new body, and gain extraordinary abilities. He also says there will be people who will be left behind.

All I can say is that this is true!

The Light force, inner truth, and compassion towards the suffering will end as many continue using your Hearts. The most important right now is UNITY, the awakening of the human collective. We love you very much; ignore these words if this doesn't resonate. But if the pure Light essence activates your being and connects your voice and essence, observe and listen to your Higher Self and the whispers of your Divine Heart.

Be a true warrior of Light, not the one who fights with the enemy, but the one who possesses the wisdom to break the subjugation dominion of the Matrix. Take care of your thoughts, actions, and emotions, walk in nature, drink enough purified water, exercise, meditate, and do whatever you can to change your energy from negative to positive. Be aware that it is your most important task in those moments that each one can contribute all that is good, positive, pleasant, and priceless Love. Thus your will be strengthened.

The world is undergoing great turmoil at all its existential levels and is not dawning. Your faith in better days is certainly direly tested. Never lose sight of the divine plan that has all to do with being Light and alive — and nothing with darkness and death.

Optimism is a positive driving force; keep smiling and faith in better days, whereas debilitating pessimism is inept at getting the job done. The Creator has bestowed upon your Divine Heart the proof of his LOVE amid extreme vicissitudes because God you are and loves all his creations. He relentlessly laid the groundwork for its outer expansion. The weight-bearing foundations of any awe-inspiring skyscraper lay below ground zero.

Visualize how beautiful and One you are with all the Light. Feel how your energy flows to all parts of the planet, filling all beings that breathe the Creator's Light, plants, animals, and humanity with Light, Love, and Prosperity, and fill them with your Love.

Now mentally or out loud, repeat the following; Father and Mother of all that exists, thank you for all that I am and all the spiritual wealth I have and carry in my Heart. May all sentient beings be aware of their Love and Light and seek it from this moment on. Fill their Hearts with Love and Light across the Earth and be blessed.

I am the Still Small Voice, the ONE Divine Heart that whispers to you in a close and personal manner on behalf of the Great One. I know your physical, emotional, and psychological makeup. My sacred Mission Statement is to assist in manifesting the innate truth, beauty, and goodness of your being, thus promoting your growth as a full-fledged willing collaborator in the implementation of the Great Plan — wherever One may find along the ascension trail.

In the end, seeds of Divine justice and eternal goodness shall prevail, bearing witness to the selfless devotion of myriads of valiant Hearts.




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