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Divine Self Expression

The Human body is the Divine self-expression of the One; every cell in the human body is renewed after a certain period, and new cells are built in place.

The transition period varies from a few weeks to 8 or 9 months, so think about that, no part of the human body can be said to be more than a year old at any time.

So this is one of the most important things you need to realize. It proves conclusively that the age-producing process is an artificial product placed in action not by nature but by the mistakes of humans; in other words, to stay young is natural, and to grow old is unnatural.

The physical body is always young because your physical form is never more than eight or nine months old. At the same time, the greater part of your system has been built up from new cells and fiber material within the last few weeks. Hence, the body of an octogenarian or 80-year-old is just as young as the body of a 12-month-old baby, and this is one of the most astounding facts in science.

Therefore, there's no reason to be found in the domains of nature while the 80-year-old should look any older than a 12-month-old child. Still, here in the 3D on Earth, the longer people live on Earth, the older they look and feel; what that proves is that some great law and nature is being violated constantly, absolutely and universally, so this law is called Perpetual renewal the law that's constantly rebuilding the human system it's removing every fiber in the system after it's been in use for a few weeks or a few months. It's causing a new one to be formed in this place.

These new fibers and cells are just as new in an octogenarian's body as in a child's. Think about how this works and imagine it so that only young, vigorous cells can remain in a normal human system. When they cease to have life, they're removed as waste, so the fact that people that have lived on Earth for only 30 or 40 years and they have these useless empty old looking cells in their systems proves that they are not normal and that the law of reconstruction is not permitted to perform its function thoroughly so, in essence, natural law is being violated. The individual is consequently not in harmony with this law.

It's like the intentions of source, unconditional Omni love, so that's a universal law, and there are other universal laws like the law of perpetual renewal. Still, you have wisdom if you look in the mirror and choose judgment instead of unconditional love. Are you going against that law, the first intention of the source? Yes, and when you do that, you're allowed to do it, but you're not running your energy correctly; you are running it in reverse, so if you're aligned with all the laws, you will stay young without trying to stay young.

The reconstruction process would be suspended, so the reconstruction process to perpetuate the life of your body removes every cell after it remains in the body for a few months. It forms a new one in his place, so your entire system is being perpetually renewed. Imagine how the brain cell can't show improvement when an additive stops its flow of regeneration and not just the brain but any body parts.

And in fact, your whole human personality must continue absolutely in the hands of the law of reconstruction and perpetual renewal to live a single day longer, so here is something worth to be to write down; 90% of the cells in the average human body are replaced by new cells in less than four months! How to promote the renewal of the cells? Physical exercise and all the muscles that one exercises to a considerable degree every day are completely renewed every three, four, or five weeks depending on the nature of the exercise and the health of your body.

The best exercise is that which never goes beyond moderation, avoiding mechanical processes because mere mechanical exercise will weaken the muscles, while violent and too constant exercise will destroy many of the cells that are still new and vigorous. As the violent word goes means; to put the body under stress, exercise machines, or heavy lifting routines. Physical exercise aims to place and constructive action all the energy generated in the system. When all this energy is in constructive action, your entire personality will renew itself rapidly, orderly, entirely, and perfectly.

Altering the Divine function of the body's intelligence or any forced action will interfere with the work of the reconstructive process, and that's why the average athlete grows old very rapidly and dies Young. The average age of the retired NFL player is only 53 because their exercise has been too violent or mechanical, or both.

The muscles that are called into play during work, like if you do physical exercise for work that is Thoroughly interesting, receive the best exercise and therefore they renew themselves in the least amount of time, but all muscles are renewed whether they're fully exercised or not but where the exercise is very light you know the old cells may remain nearly a year before new ones replace them.

The vital organs, such as your heart, stomach, and lungs, rapidly renew. For example, the average person who breathes properly only pure air will receive three pairs of new lungs every year.

That's why it's essential to learn how to do deep breathing; if you've ever studied Krija yoga, one of the parts is the pranayama. Also, when your stomach is never overloaded or abused, it will renew itself from 2 to 3 times yearly. The same is true of the other organs and the abdominal region for your heart, the arterial system, the brain, and the nervous system under normal conditions renew themselves every 60 or 90 days, and your skin is renewed completely every week or ten days.

The longest time to complete the renewal process of your body's bone structure is around seven months to a year and up to 14 months.

Even when the health of the body is not perfect, the renewal process in humans renews their bodies in less than a year and a half. Your body that you have right now is less than a year old. The entire human body is always Young; moreover, one should always continue to look young and feel young. The fact that the body, after leaving the teenage years, doesn't look as young as it is proved that some natural law has been violated.

One must have re-learned and remembered how to live in perfect harmony with this law of infinite wellness. Youth is the result of an internal life process that penetrates every atom in the being, giving Eternal youth to every atom of beingness.

There are two reasons why humans begin to look older and older and appear every year; the first is ossification, and the other is old age conditions. Various physical and mental causes produce the human body's tendency to ossify. Still, mostly it comes from abnormal modes and mental life, so when the cells and the body's fibers begin to ossify, the muscles will harden the bones and become stiff. The various organs will become heavy and sluggish. The scribbling-up process will permeate more and more the entire system, so as this is happening, the reconstruction and repair will be stopped; waste matter will increase in the system and will soon begin to clog the system because the various organs are too sluggish to perform their functions properly.

When the brain cells begin to ossify, they'll respond less and less to the actions of the mind so that the intellect will become less and less lucid, the memory will gradually wane, and new Impressions or form in mind with difficulty. Usually not at all; the acquisition of new knowledge becomes almost impossible because the brain is no longer a perfect responsive instrument upon which your mental facilities can act, and if you think about it, the fact that so-called older people remember more readily.

What occurred in their childhood and what occurred in recent years is because of this because the Impressions formed in their mind and childhood were deep and penetrating. After all, your brain was in a plastic condition, but later impressions barely produced any impression because the brain had become too hard so that the impressions would be Vivid. The impressions of recent years are hardly perceptible.

So the same phenomenon explains why many so-called older people who have left the beliefs of childhood return to those beliefs in their so-called declining years so when the brain becomes so ossified that clear penetrating, comprehensive thinking becomes difficult or impossible. The mind can discern only those ideas that are deeply impressed and naturally can believe only that which it can discern, and so since the most profound impressions are always those Impressions form in childhood in the minds of those who permit ossification to take place, the beliefs of childhood are the only beliefs that old ossified brains can understand.

Ossification can be prevented in the brain and the entire human system.

The brain controls every decision that one makes; the second reason why humans look old, even though nature gives them a new body every year, is old age conditions, so these conditions are purely mental and produced by the conscious or subconscious belief in age so to believe that you're growing older and older every year and to positively expect to look older and older every year is to produce these old age conditions in your system so these conditions will cause new cells that have been formed to take on an old age appearance. Thus your new body will look as old as you think you are even though the new body has been in existence for how long less than a year.

The mind is mighty; if one has unconscious beliefs that one is supposed to look at a certain age, then one keeps manifesting that. Learning to stay young is necessary to change one's mind entirely on this vital subject; also, the color of the hair changes with the passing of the years because it's a collective belief habit to grow gray as you're growing old. It's like a human race belief, it's a tendency that every person inherits from their race, but the time of its action varies among different persons to a considerable degree. Now the tendency to change the color of the hair was initially produced by adverse mental states.

The longer the person lives, the more they worry, the more one grieves and the more misdirects the mind's efforts. As these continued to change the color of the hair, more and more humans came to look upon the change as a result of age. Finally, it became a belief habit; remember that all habits can be removed. If one dwells a great deal and wrong mental states, it will change the color of hair, and since you changed it with your mind, you can also change it back.

Some people grow gray hair early in life, while others grow gray hair very rapidly once they begin; its root is in the subconscious life of the body. To change the form or nature of the cell, this chemical action must first be changed, and this is possible through the use of any method that will affect the subconscious root or cause of that action. Hence, it's possible to change the subconscious cause of any chemical action and produce unnatural chemical actions.

It's like when any part of the body is cut, the chemical actions in the cells are affected, and they are shocked. They become unnatural and create natural actions. The unnatural actions tend to produce cell structures similar to the cut through which they originated, and that's how they produce and perpetuate a scar.

Also, one's expectations and beliefs, if one has something, one wakes up every morning expecting to have it, and one will manifest that which subconsciously has power.

How can one fix this problem? The first thing to do is stop and prevent ossification and then remove these old age conditioning and conditions to remove the belief habit of growing old and eliminate the consciousness of age by living in the now. The great Eternal, now we have to train the subconscious to produce perpetually the elements of you we have to be in line with and being conscious harmony with the law of Perpetual renewal, then, to ensure that all of our thinking animates the mind and invigorates the body.

Contact us to book a session to Activate your DNA, will assist you in removing distortions and running your fire letters in the right way intended by God's nature.




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