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Divine Light,

Knowing about the reality of life after death, One would most likely do more preparation. For some, an immortalizing body and passage through interdimensional portals will be possible when the DNA is activated to shift through the process of the events. Most people would prepare for a trip across their town. Still, they make VERY little preparation for the greatest journey they will ever make, the voyage between DIMENSIONS when they leave the confines of ONE lifetime and their consciousness moves into its next experience.

Everyone will have a personal review of their life content upon this transition; this isn't a "judgment" placed on you. Your Soul and its higher levels of consciousness are aware of the evolutionary process, the purpose of which is Ascension. Your Soul's awareness becomes available to you AFTER the veils in your physical, genetic code (DNA blockages) are lifted, and your identity as a Soul chooses the next living experience most appropriate to its own evolution, learning, desires, and new ascension process.

There are many "Institutes of Higher Learning," but you don't have to die to receive this assistance.

You cannot receive education just from your astral identity (which comes through building the 4th DNA strand). The comprehension of your Soul becomes available to you after completing the activation of DNA strands 4, 5, and 6 in this reality.

There is also the issue of the J Seals, Templar Seal, and Templar Axion Seals that have to be addressed, either in life or after the death transition. The frequency patterns held there within will determine the dimensional bands within which your consciousness will MANIFEST.

It is not a "judgment call" by some authority figure that determines where you will next travel after your present lifetime, as they say, but rather an energetic COMPATIBILITY between the frequency bands held within the pattern of one consciousness and those within the multidimensional universe.

DNA is built upon highly subtle electro-tonal patterns of multidimensional frequency, and the energetic imprint of DNA goes WITH you in the death transition. The content of your electro-tonal pattern will determine how HIGH your consciousness will be able to travel once it is released from your body.

Your DNA can be directly affected and enhanced in life by working to bring higher frequency, higher dimensional energies into the operating DNA strands by activating one's DNA Codes and through your chakra system effectively. There is an order, purpose, plan, and meaning for one since it is intimately intertwined with the planet and your DNA.

One WILL go on a voyage when the Soul awareness brings THIS lifetime to a close, with or WITHOUT One's body, whether or NOT one is prepared for the way of life in this universe. Therefore increasing one DNA frequency pattern during LIFE will directly benefit the experiences AVAILABLE after the physical death. Feel free to contact us if you are ready to activate your DNA.




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