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Divine Humans,

Many souls on Earth played the incarnation game with the desire to experience this magnificent reality in planetary and human history. After 25556 years, it is time for a new evolution, the revolution of a new Ascension as the new reality, the new Earth Aria a new legacy for you all citizens on Earth. The promise of new fulfillment and transformation of your Divine blueprint is now the new human awakening.

Ascension is not a spiritual new age concept or some lofty theory for humanity to believe, but the evolution of consciousness and biology within a multidimensional natural awakening of the spirit to remember what has been forgotten; a reality of the rising evolutionary consciousness and biology. Sadly many human lives leave with their consciousness confined to the limitations presently imposed by your physical body and those controlling your minds with fear. Those limitations can be released as self-as-soul awareness begins to entertaining and experience a new reality of freedom.

How could you experience a new reality when your attention in the lower density of manipulation and control as part of their goal to deviate your attention from your intention to remember your sovereignty?

The purpose of ascension is neither to have your psychic powers awakened to sell yourself; everyone has psychic abilities. They don't care about it. Withal expanded perceptions and abilities to look beyond your physical limitations, to believe in your day-by-day as the creative possibilities to experience a daily life to the best of your knowledge, and transcend the mundane of the 3D tyranny that existed every time you incarnated. To rediscover the wonders of your power as the divine union from your subatomic particle, you are the Multiverse living in harmony, love, unison with all sentient beings and your fellow human tribe.

It is a reality that the new Earth, Aria, is rising into a higher frequency of vibrational resonance. Therefore only those who are resonating on the same frequency will experience that reality because one cannot perceive something with a different frequency of resonance. In higher dimensional frequency, love is the expression for all sentient beings. The time is now to speak and act with love hertz frequency without ego or expectations. Love is the highest resonance of Hertz.

Love heals and opens the door to the highest realms. On the other hand, fear, hatred, jealousy, manipulation, revenge, biological wars of the genome pool's destruction resonate at a lower Hertz. Many are trapped in a lower vibrational hologram; therefore, those negative souls can exist only on the lower frequencies.

Many have forgotten that you are worthy, resilient, loving, powerful, and more; you are the subatomic particle that creates new realities, a new world, a life of sovereignty and willpower. All you need is to use your heart all of the time to open the portal that will transcend time and space to shift your consciousness, and only you can decide how long is enough for you to wake up! Create the reality you feel can exist in your fifth-dimensional self within your hearts, exists and continues to prevail for you and humanity's betterment that is the focus of your purpose goals. Understand that you believe in too many things but know very little about your vessels.

Let the Matrix be; shift your attention to your intention to see and experience your heart desires because you are everything, and everything is you; let your magic manifest. Without letting others interfere, especially the outside world of the Matrix chaos to consume your inner peace. Remain calm, detached, love all that is no matter what; understand that ascension is to free your minds and all sentient beings through your self-expression as Prime Creator, love and light are the powers of your heart. You all have the capacity and ability to create the reality you want to live in a world of abundance and true freedom.

Ascension is the opportunity of a lifetime to awaken your minds and hearts, so don't waste it by playing it safe and sticking to your comfort zone. You will be encouraged and motivated to challenge yourself every day if you want to unveil your true potential because as long as you only do what you're comfortable with, you'll never find out what you're capable of becoming.

Whether or not you view and understand ascension and multidimensional evolution, these are the bases of humanity's natural birthrights. At the same time, your consciousness is alive on the hologram you create to experience Earth as part of your reality, even when many hadn't chosen to do so until passed out of physical life form and into the multidimensional spirit world. Know that your incarnation's natural Divine process is immortality, freedom from death, disease, and suffering.

Citizens of the planet, you were born free, do not hate those extensions of yourself; to do so is to forget that they are here doing their part just as you do have to do your part and decide to be control or free.

Visualize and dedicate daily 10 minutes to focus your involvement in how you want your desires to liberate your spirit since you as the Universe have the ability to orchestrate circumstances and events to create your reality.

Imagine a world you want to live in, free of the wrong and full of bliss and joy for all; play with your alchemy. Breathe three times the divine spirit of Air, feel its vitality in your lungs, be thankful for it, let your heart connect, and emanate love for the Air's participation in the vision of your desires in the new world.

Think of the water as the most precious life force element on Earth, and just al everything around you is a reflection of yourself; consider the water teachings to navigate in your reality. Know that when water is trapped, it always creates a new path to continue flowing free, how water can clean your body and hydrate your cells and organs for optimum health. Acknowledge her divine intelligence, let your heart connect, and emanate love for the water's planet participation in the vision of your desires in the new world.

Fire element might be difficult for many to understand its divine magic. Trust in your heart understand its intelligence. When you feel for another, for example, like the passion in a kiss or a feeling of warmth usually emanating from the pelvis and spreads throughout the entire body as a precious orgasm, understand Fire element participation on Earth, let your heart connect, and emanate love for the Fire participation in the vision of your desires in the new world.

Now, acknowledge the most beloved element ever existed, the Universal archetype of the Divine feminine, our Divine Mother; she chooses to be called "Aria," the new Earth version of herself. Think of Aria's spirit of abundance assisting you 24/7, feeling grounded and connected if you only know how to use your root chakra. Since all that humanity entertains and creates affects her for good or bad. Think of this for a second all of humanity is connected to Earth's bountiful vessel's synergy. All you feel and express affect the Earth.

All living organisms to sustain their lives the Earth provides, holding as part of her the Divine intelligence and magic of the elements of Fire, Water, Air for all that breathe and respire. Hold your vision of gratitude and love for the New Earth fifth-dimensional reality, especially on Earth's DAY. In your hearts, visualize the place you want planet Earth to be. Let your heart connect and emanate love for the Earth's participation in the vision of your desires in the new world.

How to experience a New Earth vision of the Fifth Dimension? Since most of all, humanity entertains others negative agendas. When you think of the New Earth gradually, One moves one consciousness into a quantum reality as the most excellent version of oneself because you all can. All you have to do is use your heart and BELIVET IT!

My beloved children on Earth, what are you waiting for?

I am mother ARIA, the new Earth reminding you that you are infinite and eternal beings living for eternity throughout the process of ascension. From the Nonphysical, you created your holographic reverberation, just as I create the new Earth version of myself. Let these be the thoughts that create and govern your attention but what others decided and dictate for you.

It is time to move on, forgive from your hearts, and love, especially those who lost their way to be in unison? You have the divine power in your hearts to create your own realities and make a new intention to transmute those objects of attention to experience the fullness of the divine of who you are, to activate by setting motion, and take up again to be anew, wake up my beloved!

Let your consciousness and swirling vortexes awaken your new realities based on love, connection to one another. As we all move into the fifth-dimensional version of our immeasurable love, feel all that is, remember who you all are, wake up from the dream state you have been kept for quite a while.

Together wake up to the new realities of ascension. I desire to see your new version of bliss, where there is no suffering, limitations, sickens of the mind and body because you believe in it since you create your reality all of the time. Your divine heart intelligence frequency is the portal of your new consciousness as the way to ascension to take you where your thoughts couldn't.

You all have the power to daily function with the love frequency and not the opposite, fear frequency. When you Love unconditionally, your love frequency transmutes, transcends, and creates an oscillating force applied at a dynamical system's resonant frequency. The system will oscillate at a higher amplitude than when the same force is applied at other non-resonant frequencies. But when you separate from the heart structure, a synthetic version of your reality Matrix creates a synthetic life experience on your reality. This is why humanity experiences many synthetic realities as timelines based on control and fear because it is a distorted version of the omnipotent heart structure.

April 22nd is a new earth day, a new rebirth, a new ascension, a new portal of the fifth dimension, a place where you all are free. Yet, not all of you had chosen to shift; many had decided to stay and experience that which is now. I bless you all, I love you all, and I wish you the best in whatever reality you decided to stay. I bless your courage and the example you are to liberate the minds of those to continue awakening.

The new reality of ascension is where we all can co-create from the frequency Hertz resonances of your heart omnipotent love. To be united, open your mind, love, and help others take control of your mighty vessels, stop the nonsense in your now realities, move on and let go. You have the key to freeing yourselves and others in your hearts, minds, and spirits.

Be present, enjoy each new day as this is a new beginning to live in your now as if we're the first and last day of your existence. Within your heart's resonance, you will find the power to teleport all of you and your families; the fifth dimension is closer than you think. The fifth dimension is not a new reallocation; it is a new consciousness and a new heart frequency that will open the new portal of your ascension.

The new consciousness already exists because you believe it because you are ready; consciousness is your new path. So go and create new realities for all that breathes and respires in the Air, water, Earth even fire. Create within your hearts a new version of yourself and me for all that wished to be free. You have to believe that this is possible in order to achieve the simplest task of moving forward into the fifth dimension.

Allow every sentient being to be free and chose to co-create this new version of ARIA where the new era of a new connection to all beings in the Multiverse other planets and galaxies interact with you all this is a new reality of interaction base on respect, love, and action taken to assist others the same way other beings outside the Earth are doing with you. Wake up to your new reality because you want to be free and be part of the new exciting reality. Believe in your love, consciousness, and trust from the divine and mighty frequency of your omnipotent love, man and women, with all your beingness.

Love yourselves, be yourselves, help each other, unite, open your minds, be the supreme rulers of your hearts you were born to be. I am looking forward to the connection of your hearts with mine on April 22nd. Stay in a positive resonance, and positive resonance will come to you. Remember, your reality is a mirror image of your consciousness. So create from your heart, be kind to another and be love. So love shall be with you. I love you, I have been waiting long enough, I am alive, and I am moving, I am ascending, I am light, I am love, I am Aria, mother earth.

How can you know if you are moving towards the Fifth Dimension?

If you are reading this message, you are entering your awakening timeline process and ascending because one cannot perceive something with a different resonance frequency; one is not vibrating. Feel free to share this message of love; the more humanity dreams of the New Earth; the faster humanity will shift by letting go of the now sad reality.

I thank you for open your minds, from my heart to your heart.

I am you; you are me.

We are ONE,♥



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