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Divine Consciousness,

The Earth's Divine collective Consciousness continuously strives for its constitution of freedom, sovereignty, and self-governance, which is the beginning of restoring the Earth. Each has to choose to bring together the world we live in and the world that exists within one's Heart. The entire planet Divine Earth and other planets in unison, creating universal peace, harmony, and Love, is a reality.

When the new Earth reunites with outer 5D worlds exchanging their Divine Consciousness and knowledge, one will break the psychic's subjugation and control of 3D. Thus and only thus, Humanity will fulfill their destiny and become the master of their fate.

This statement is not wishful thinking nor a far-away reality. It is happening now for many as part of the collective Consciousness. Only one has to disconnect from that which takes oneself attention to the manipulation world psychic with 3D fear narratives and shifting the mind, emotions, and intelligence of the Heart to tap into the magnificent reality of an awakened Earth.

The awakening powers of the chakra system and each vortex has a form of Divine intelligence that will assist one in organizing the energy fields according to one's purpose. When One taps into each vortex's intelligence qualities and challenges, the result one experiences in life comes from under the specific chakra vortex. Therefore, by observing feeling and adjusting the energy vortexes that constantly flow within, one can transform frequencies at this time of ascension.

Keep your chakra vortexes and energy field clear and positive; everybody will be on the side of the light as soon as one does their homework. When using the divine power of the pineal gland as the open portal stargate that exists in all, one can visualize and see the Earth becoming a divine self-expression of a 5D world.

The simplicity of heart cognition in unison overcomes the complexity of a 3d reality as it takes place. When one understands quantum physics and one life's trajectory, one can perceive that it is no longer linear. Still, eventually, one can perceive it as the tree tronc that branches into multiple and parallel realities, a sea of possibilities when only One can decide and consider the best option according to divine timing.

When visualizing the beautiful life on planet Earth one desires to experience in the now reality, the power of the pineal gland is like watching a series of still frames. One after another, just like a movie in the mind's eye, one is projecting around twenty individual frames per second. This process of visualizing and imagining is more than enough for the brain cognition and the perception of movement, even though one's thought process perceives it as an illusion of still frames.

Instead, tap into the visual intention, the desired reality of one's heart intelligence working in conjunction with the power of the pineal gland, the frames going from twenty change to fifty seconds from the initial screening frame. Therefore one is breaking the illusion of being an idea or fantasy because it manifests like in a movie crossing the boundary from fantasy to reality.

It is then one has entered the principle of teleportation from one reality to another through the perception of a clear vision that gives reality to a new experience. As it unfolds, through the vision of the bountiful omnipotent One's Heart connected to the hearts of all that is on Earth and other planets.

The visualization of one's conscious evolution is the acceptance of higher dimensions of Consciousness into one's awareness. Because one has seen the world one desires within one's Divine Heart as the new Earth reality, the age of freedom, Love, and Light manifests.

Divine, Intelligent, and conscious minds are careful about the emotional compass because thoughts are manifestations of oneself reality. Be mindful of what one is sending out and entertaining, for that only attracts it into your now reality. Transmute negative energy, forgive, and let the wrong be, as the wrong will get back what is sent out too. Transmute and let it go negative since, in actuality, it is doing you a favor; choose wisely.

Only the level of Consciousness and personal intention-energy would dictate the range of influence. We bless you all, Divine souls, and wish to all consider that the reality you are is the one you had accepted or created based on your emotions vs. the one we know you have within your precious hearts.

Blessings wherever you venture in time and space, be kind, be grateful, honor yourself, and Love with all your might!

Always ♥



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