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Beloved earthlings,

All humans are similar within your conscious mind except for the hologram program they choose to portray based on their conscious choices at the moment of incarnation. So, that is clear; the following concept of being GODS seems to be even more unbelievable.

Why? Sadly the programs of religious indoctrinations had played a heavy role of fear in the minds of humans. Making One believe that only when ONE follows a dictatorship agenda always to behave and do well; otherwise when the new messiah descends from above will punish those who did not listen.

This is an entirely negative belief imposed in the minds of humanity. Cast out the dark and evil spirits. End all injustice, share, expose all wickedness, heal the sick instead; religions turned all the above around, you know their songs.

Be the healing, freedom, restoration, be the sons and daughters of the Almighty within, end evil and bring the dimension of love and goodness for all to be free. The NOW moment is right, the "rainbow bridge." It connects us all through heaven and Earth, placing the forces of feminine and masculine Yin and Yang in perfect balance; therefore, such balance becomes the foundation for the NOW Right action.

For example: suppose you feel good saying or thinking, I AM GOD; I didn't say you are Prime creator of the Multiverse, even though all are an extension of his love with the power of creation and what is happening right now in the world reality is every human doing. One must look the wrong and good, look beyond the understanding and feel gratitude for what is going on.

There are more good human hearts in this world than bad ones. Yet, the controllers have told the good humans they have to stand aside. In contrast, suppressors of humanity run the show with tricks of fear while your human powers are taken away. Recognize that without it, no ONE would have taken the stand to reclaim ONE omnipotent power, the sovereignty that makes ONE human.

Now bear with me; the point is when ONE's attention, who fears something the most, is the ONE who activates it in ONE's own vibration with no hidden forces. The ONE activates, creates, and experiences it.

Now here is something to pond on it;

Supposedly, all humans are Gods since birth, and ONE had been told that there is only one GOD, the punitive One? LOL! And because all humans play the role of recycling incarnation by those in control, ONE forgets who ONE is.

Divine Brothers and Sisters of the Almighty within; do not forget that you are God's incarnated on Earth as humans. You have the power to transcend the laws of time and space within your hearts, and it is the key to freeing yourself from slavery and slaughtering.

Forgive those who are not human using your minds and emotions to create a holographic reality at this time. Using ONE own psychic awareness and powerful frequencies of vibrations, you have been manipulated by using your Divine powers of creation and giving you a taste of how they can be used against you.

Those none human beings had been patiently absorbing your life force energy. These nonhuman rulers' shape shifters had proven to succeed in their cheap tricks and dark magic against you. Comply is to act or be in accordance with requests, demands, requirements, conditions, etc.;

The new economic reset is based on total human control on every aspect of human life. The controller's goal is to slave families, starting with your children. That is why they are so keen on needling children. The answer is clear; all you have to do is say NO, I DO NOT COMPLIES. This STATEMENT is your freedom ticket.

Beloved sleeping Gods, you are mighty and sovereign, be free and use the power of compassion because this is how humanity wins the battle, your OMNIPOTENT LOVE heart frequency. Did you know that if all humans focus on sending love frequency globally every hour and mean it and DO NOT COMPLIES with any manipulation, especially inoculation? The wrong going on will cease to exist.

Stop projecting fear into your own reality, be grateful, love, and forgive. After all, those who do wrong are playing their roles for humanity to free themselves once and for all. This ascension will not happen again until another 25556 years have passed.

Ascension is your birthright; all humans had agreed to take part in this magnificent time, regardless of whether many choose to be asleep. Understand that it is not your mission to awaken or tell others who believe this is a conspiracy theory.

You have to feel love before you see it in your reality; that is your heartfelt cognition. What matters most is that each individual entertains feelings of gratitude, forgiveness, and awareness that physical reality is only an experience to transform and move from the 3D ego into ONE self-5-D loving expression of a different frequency dimension.

You are the strong ONES who choose to be here at this time of ascension called to make a difference to be the ones who transform every aspect for a new world.

Beloved warriors, many humans worldwide are changing humanity's reality by standing strong and together as ONE, choosing freedom over manipulation. Know that humanity has already won its freedom and that you remember how it was done. The ripple effect will continue as you act as the sovereign divine Gods you are.

Trust in your hearts that the miracles you want to see are waiting for you to know them before seeing them. If you are sleeping, please wake up, sleeping ones; it will not be another opportunity for the race you are representing to raise with your human family. Wake up from the nightmare you choose to follow and dream of an abundant and flourishing time where all interstellar beings and humans work together.

Until other worlds experience and learn true love above anything, a pure love that once upon a time won the battle on Earth.

Those who already chose to follow the dark path out of fear know that it was your own free will you gave up. We love you, and we understand that fear won over self-love, so let the creator of the entire Multiverse help you for what you will witness.

The evil many had chosen will have no compassion for choosing it, instead of the light and love of your heart. Their goal is to continue using the human life force until there is none from those who chose this path. The creator of the Multiverse knows that we all have the power to choose, the power of free will, and it is the outermost powerful law in the Multiverse.

Yet many chose pain and control over free will. Let these lessons be known to all humans, stop taking sides among yourselves instead, be united regardless of what many had chosen. Everyone is doing their part as a whole, opening the sad truths the world experience, and only you can choose and stand together as part of the history of your planet to remember what it took, what happened before winning your freedom.

Universal consciousness is given to you all, a divine gift since the day you were born, universal truth of mental, physical, and spiritual abundance. Used it well, share it with all living beings collectively on Earth, exclaim your gratitude moment to moment to continue your spiritual learning of evolution through the realms of existence.

Understand that ONE will always be the source of creation itself of One's reality. If ONE intention is clear regarding consent or not, the universe will understand the will because you are the universe.

Whatever intentions one entertains unconsciously and subconsciously, the universe will manifest all of the time. A simple yes or not had a tremendous power that goes far beyond complicated affirmations that only create more confusion.

If you like to understand quantum reality, imagine that the consciousness and subconscious mind are going in two directions. Consciously, ONE wants to be happy, and subconsciously, ONE believes this is impossible simultaneously within two probable realities of unlimited possibilities. Therefore ONE experiences by default the reality ONE is convinced or more accurate based on oneself belief.

Now, just because the physical body reads the information via smell, taste, hearing, touch, observation, ONE belief is accepted as accurate. Moreover, this is how the hologram of ONE's reality is created. Supposedly you let go of your 3D senses and trust your heart's cognition, your 7th sense, called proprioception, a term that describes the ability to sense the orientation of ONE's body in the environment. 6th sense is a psychic ability or a strong feeling that helps you understand the world. The sixth sense is sometimes described as intuition or the sense of knowing as the intelligence of your body.

If you want to experience the Fifth Dimensional aspects of your beingness, you must believe that this is real and already happening. And not wait for the fifth dimension to manifest when you cannot entertain that this is an indisputable fact happening for some humans. Therefore, all of your beingness has been controlled to continue to create a 3D based on fear.

Practice to let go of what your senses direct instead, use the bountiful frequency and intelligence of the Omnipotent ONE heart, the God within you are. Wake up! Focus on letting your heart reconnect to all the creations of the Prime director to enter the unlimited life potency of LOVE frequency.

Visualize daily as much as you allow yourself to see your human family, including those sleeping because they are a mirror expression of yourself. Instead, LOVE them very much no matter what. It is only a matter of time humanity will follow, just by being yourself, and you will project them all into your 5D quantum reality, not imposing your beliefs into them, but to learning and respecting others' free will.

Raise your hearts to a higher level of consciousness, use your voices, and be united. Oneness will transcend into a reality of love to bring major deliverance to your beautiful world and become ONE human race. You are all an extension of me, the creator of all the Multiverse.

I am with you, always in your hearts. May this truth unite your human race; learn to live in peace with your families and all cosmic beings in the name of Divine LOVE Now!

I am Mut Divine mother of the Gods.



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