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Awaken Souls

Understand that you are creating how you will experience the ascension because Consciousness already has the reality that Humanity made it, from the past and future, happening simultaneously because there's no past and future; all exist in the now.

The future already exists, and that's a Quantum by law so that future already exists. One needs to match the vibration by one's actions when one engages in a positive structure not only the brain but you give a holographic expression within the field for the crystalization to happen through oneself consistency with physical action, then you collapse and why because you are making mental structure within the spinning of the frequency so you can experience the spinning of the frequency so if one goes against it. Consciousness is going to give constantly over and over.

The councils of 9 gave us a molecule to move forward with a gift in the collective Consciousness are of signals to restore the global DNA to the human race. Evil did too much damage, and they continuously lied and manipulated Humanity.

Consciousness no longer lets any land or property go into evil's hands. One evil man is buying a lot of land, but soon he will have amnesia. Watch the sky, LOL. If they only knew what was coming for them, they would stop all the shenanigans as they instantaneously vanish; this is all we will say about that. Consciousness is giving you a shift into the field for the reality that is happening.

B ready for your Victory from now on; all the land is yours, all the water is clean, all the air is free of poison, and your Homeland is restored with vibrant lights everywhere you step. It's clean, and now it will smell fresh, and the scent of the meadow full of flowery pollen. Eat the fresh honey; now you're all in a new reality, a new hologram, so you know the structure. You are free now, so create your new Time Line.

They are giving us a code for collective Consciousness, and it will get imprinted within your field and open through some portal. Through that momentum, if you take the trajectory of a positive frequency right now, your reality is going to shoot in a positive resonance because what God is doing with the Council of 9 over here it was creating a new hologram reality for anyone with a very specific cause that they give you in the frequency and this field you can create freely because you are the field, the call has been given to you, if you are the field they create based on that resonance is going to give you a Plainfield that you can create a new victory.

They said your Victory creates your victories in your hologram because we gave it the code for it. We created a timeline base on the frequency; use your heart with everything. Stay neutral by simultaneously understanding the Yin and Yan structure, positive and negative, because it is at ø (zero point) and analyzes everything happening.

Create through the heart, and he's telling you you will have your land, you will have your water clean, you will have your fresh food, but they are giving you the code to believing that 100% that's already in because if you believe that already is then you increase. Hence, it is within your field because you're not up to creating something, not waiting for something to happen. Remember that when you want to create something, your emotions create it; act as if you already have it. Have a victory; what is the emotion? You have your home, income, and money; nothing is wrong, but do it through the heart and understanding of the field.

Because you're creating a totally different reality, and when you reach a lot of wealth if you're in a heart, then you're going to want to give because the first thing is like how can I help Humanity, is also individual structure, it could be a nice words can shift somebody's reality, compassion can shift somebody's reality.

Reality doesn't have to be only money, but only prayer will not do; it will give you a whole graphic expression, but the physical action with the prayers is what crystalizes the matter of reality, and that's why I so fundamental that you physically engage and create that because you are God itself in the fractal expression, so when God and the expression of God like the extraterrestrials in the Pleiadians and the counsel of 9 also another expression of God that is giving you codes is to help you not to trap you.

Know that I'm another version of you; you have the same power if I'm another version of you. I'm simply ahead of something, but I also more from the structure that is above, and that structure is above the archons. See what's happening because it is a reality within the reality.

Be the best of yourself to the best of your abilities. In the now, one person, one unit, is called in the entire frequency of Consciousness itself in the now, and whatever you project on a person, the way you act with that person, that's what reflects and goes back to you, and if you do this in a daily basis you'll become extremely potent because, in the quantum field, there's no way for you to project the frequency.

Get your power back and stand on your ground because you already are in Victory; you already have land, your money, and your family, and push through the challenges because the challenges are giving you lessons, so nobody ever retakes your Consciousness.

This is why you're going through all this, to learn never to give your Freedom away, never to step back and allow somebody to do so because it's more powerful but is an illusion that is more powerful. Grabbing step into your power because of who you are, you always had it, but they overtook your Consciousness and gave the illusion of amnesia.

Well, guess what? The controllers will start having amnesia themselves because they can never match the Consciousness in God's creation because they are all disengaged. Without compassion, they can never recognize it. They cant convert it; they don't know how to do it.

The councils of 9 shared a download through Marina Jacoby as per God, creator of the Multiverse, to activate Humanity; please repeat the following in the intimacy of your own space. This is your ticket; use it. However, after being grounded, breathe in and out and with much heartfelt state the following; Read all the sentences and numbers at loud in the order they appear.

I thank you for the opportunity you give me to serve. I wish that love and gratitude continue to be the key for us all to step forward into the miracle of evolution and open the door of realizations to bless our Eternal essence "souls." Every day's a new opportunity for the Divine and Eternal essence "soul," shining like a star more than ever and flying like the wings of freedom for each moment-to-moment life journey.

Blessings! ♥



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