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Calling to my love,

Be thankful and happy for those who provide examples of Well-being. In other words, know that prosperity is possible if there wasn't some evidence of prosperity around to inspire you, letting you know that it is part of this contrast that helps you to sharpen your possible desires of wellbeing and abundance.

Practice visualizations daily for at list one or two weeks, feel and see all people in the world experience freedom, smiling for this lesson of letting others decide and learning at the same time that we all are part of the whole. Understand that this is the test we all have to pass and accept, especially when many don't understand or act according to the power of wellbeing located in the vortex of oneself, the real love source energy.

Love them even more; there is no right or wrong way for others to take different paths, but from the one that you would choose. Love them the way I love you, bless them all with the power of your heart loving frequency. Consider while you center, meditate or visualize and listen to my voice: I know everything about you when you are sad and happy, know you will feel to my love for you, I live in you and move for you are omnipotent love since before you were conceived.

Wherever you are at this point in time and space in your life, know that there are no mistakes you can make, for all has a plan and purpose behind the experience of how you'll learn to rise each day with a new sense of joy and love. I am your true love, day and night quiver telling you I love you, even when you sleep or ignore me.

You are the pure expression of LOVE inside and out, for you are part of my love, the love from which all things exist, and are made, even when you think there are no answers to your questions, look deeply within me, your heart, all you are is all you need.

Many had misinterpreter me, those who avoid knowing me, and yet I will not be angry since I live in your heart all of the time an everlasting love waiting to prove you how wonderful and powerful you are, my desires if that you learn to say I love you.

Allow me to show you the marvels of your being and the potentials to save yourself and others just because you love with the true essence of your beingness no matter what is going on, and it is here in your heart that you will find me, I am your purest love.

Love me the way I love you, and one day soon enough, I will take away the pain you have suffered. The only error will be to continue ignoring me; I am the ultimate expression of the creator of all sentience beings in the Multiverse. Nothing will ever separate us, for I am love within your heart for eternity.

I am waiting for your love call, and in the meantime, I love you.

Your heart♥

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