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Divine hearts,

If you are reading this or other transmissions I had posted, it is because you are the mere ambassador's representatives of your galactic families on earth. Within your DNA, exists a laborious connection, a lineage with your galactic families; the Arcturians, Pleiadians, Antarians, Andromedans, Sirians, Hathors, Blue Avians, Venusians and other Galactic Beings that most of humanity has not met yet!

That is why many of you have dreams about galactic beings; this only happens when your frequency vibrates at a higher level. Your DNA rewires to awaken your cells for you to remember who you are. The pure LOVE of your beingness within your cells will reorganize igniting your connection to all that is, transcending time and space. Therefore, you will start seeing spaceships or receiving information from higher dimensions and more.

You will be able to recognize when something happening to you feels like being on heaven or darkness. Remember, in the fifth dimension, the communications happen only with the frequency vibration of the heart. Know of those experiencing nightmares are created by the dark beings that control their minds and pop out of your cellphones controlling your etheric field when you sleep.

Many have forgotten your galactic connections; only you can remember. Gaia's planetary families are on the cusp of significant change, honor your visit on Gaia with all your beingness every chance you get with your words and actions as for these, you will be remembered.

I like to share below a heartfelt poem from Don Miguel Ruiz

Prayers, please take a moment to close your eyes open your heart and feel all the love that comes from your heart, I want you to join with my words in your mind and in your heart, to feel a very strong connection of love. Together we are going to do a very special pray, to experience a communion with our creator. Focus your attention on your longs, as if only your longs exist, feel the pleasure, when your longs expand to fulfill the biggest need of the human body, to breathe.

Take a deep breath, and feel the air as it fills your lungs, feel how the air is nothing but up. Notice the connection between the air and the longs, a connection of love. Expand your lungs with air until your body has the need to expel that air, and then excel, and feel the pleasure again. Because we fulfill any need of the human body, it gives us pleasure. To breathe, give us much pleasure, just to breathe is enough for us to always be happy to enjoy life. Just to be alive is enough, feel the pleasure to be alive, the pleasure of the feeling of love.

Prayer for freedom, today creator of the Universe, we ask that you come to us and share with us as strong communion of love. We know that your real name is love, that to have a communion whit you mean to share the same vibration, the same frequency that you are. Because you are the only thing that exists in the Universe, today help us to be like you are, to love life, to be live, to be love. Help us to love the way you love. With no conditions, no expectations, no obligations, without any judgment, help us to love and accept ourselves without any judgment.

Because when we judge ourselves, we find ourselves guilty, and we need to be punished. Help us to love everything you create unconditionally, especially other human beings, especially those who live around us, all our relatives, and people whom we tried so hard to love. Because when we reject them, we reject ourselves,.and when we reject ourselves, we reject you.

Help us to love others just the way they are with no conditions, help us to accept them the way they are, without judgment, because if we judge them, we find them guilty, we blame them, and we have the need to punish them. Today clean our hearts of any emotional poison that we have, free our minds from any judgment so that we can leave in complete peace and complete love, today is a very special day, today we open our hearts to love again so that we can tell each other, I love you without any fear and really mean it.

Today, we offer ourselves to you, come to us, use our voices, use our eyes, use our hands, and use our hearts, to share ourselves in the communion of love with everyone. Today creator helps us to be just like you are. Thank you for everything that we receive this day, especially for the freedom to be who we really are.


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