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Divine ones, we are here always waiting to connect within your heart; we have not forgotten who you are. Instead, you are the divine ones that had forgotten all about your precious now existence in the now of your reality. When you listen to your heart and remember your multidimensional beingness.

You will begin to acknowledge that it is never too late to remember that the power to create new realities is always within each one individual earthling being. Each one of you can change the reality within your quantum space vibrational frequency. And create a domino effect; remember that LOVE will conquer anything because love is real.

When you take time to acknowledge that many of your precious beings are different from one another, you will understand that this is how supposed to be, and yet this is not what creates separation among you.

It is your mind limitation that creates the reality of your existence, just like the only limitation for the body can be is based on the belief that you hold as real, there is nothing outside of you that is real.

Remember, what you are is what you create. Change yourbelief and you will change your reality!

Many of you are afraid to trust new ideas; you forget that love is and exists within you! Therefore, only you hold upon your potentials and innate abilities to explore new versions of yourself, to reinvent yourself and create. By making something now that makes obsolete what exists.

Sadly working five days a week, eight hours a day, will continue to keep you in the low vibration loop of work and make money for those in power. You all can work smart and not hard. You only have to believe you CAN and take action on your desire to better yourself without the approval of anyone. Since that other person will not have yet reach nor see the potentials of your confidence to make your new idea a real part of your existence.

That is why when you venture into a new project alone is your own baseness to make it happen. Remember when you choose by decided to participate in the race against life, you join and run like all your brothers and sisters, you were the one who reached for the right to re-born in the race against life. Remember, you are the one who arrived first, entering the ovule the moment your mom was pregnant with your father's sperm. You decided to take the next step of being by experiencing new realities.

You all have made forgot; you all have been controlled by indoctrination or by your own parents that learned from your grandparents, that learned from your grandparents, the learned from your grand- grandparents. And so forth and on, there is no fault to these generations upon generations that have made believe each precious soul on earth.

Remember that God lives within your heart within each and every trillion cells of your divine beingness. The power of beingness within you all is real. You only have to recognize and remember the power of love, the ability to create new realities not just for you, but to all that breathes and respires in the Air, in the Water, in the Fire, and in the Earth, we are all part of our beloved GAIA.

Together, we are meant and would all move to navigate the waves of our new 5D ascension. Divine ones you carry the fate of your Multiverse every day, every hour, and every second by accepting what has been holographically created outside of you by the programs of the Matrix.

It is the Matrix programs of your cellphones that have been activated by the chemtrails nanotechnology, these chemicals expelled from inside the airplanes that when they fall upon everything last until remotely controlled to create unbalance on your being, the food, the water, the earth, everywhere what has been spray. Moreover, the news, television, cinema movies, and other communication mediums that have made you believe that you are no better than others.

When we refer that there is nothing outside of you, we refer to others to those that create the illusion of success, which are part of a hologram perceive as real people by you, based on the holographic programs for control. It is these programs of separation that control and it is happening to you all. Remember that the way of changing a new reality is within you all.

Divine ones, you are powerful creators, you can be or do or have anything that you desire. You just forgot, remember to create a vibrational desire starts as a vibrational nucleus to make yourself the vibrational starting point. When you experience a soft non-resistance, you will experience your vibrational Well-being manifesting, and everything that you desire will come into your experience.

You are a powerful creator, so ask yourself, what is it that I am creating right now? Remember by anchor the divine that you are, you can be, or do, or have anything that you desire.

You all are, indeed, angelic beings called earthlings. We cannot tell you that you are less than divine, for indeed, you are part of the connection that echoes through time and space that linked us in the quantum space of your reality across dimensions. There is no real-time for you, and the now perception of your reality is as precious as the remembering of your true self.

So, remember to forgive, to love is the first step to being loved by all that is. Many Blessings!

I am Mut, divine mother of the Gods…

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