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The more an individual mind uses the ego, the more those studying human behavior learn in a way to find the information needed for control of more human realities. When ONE share, showing pictures of ONEself doing this, or that, photographing their food, dramas, and complaints, etc.

Everything posted on many other sources like Facebook, Twitter, what's up, for example, becomes a case study of human behavior, opening a new window of possibilities on how those studying will use the information for control. Because one continuously gave them the tools and vulnerable information for their control.

One must be able to dig down deep question our political perceptions and weigh them against morality, health, freedom, and love. In order to succeed, the opportunity is to disconnect the bondage (The state of being an enslaved person) to the system for succeeding. If one doesn't go after what one wants, one will never have it. If one doesn't step forward, one will always remain in the same place.

As ONE moves into the private system to become a true living individual and free ONEself from those in control. Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into. If you can wrap your mind into it, freedom will follow for sure.

Anything at all, anything whatever, is the meaning of “Aught” When ONE understands that there is nothing absolutely nothing outside of ONEself, neither space nor time is an illusion, and this is the root of all that is.

A grand illusion activated through the senses every time one plays with the cellphone alters and sabotages your brain's neurons to the point of not being able to concentrate anymore. Since one second out of four seconds, the mind is distracted by a text message, and the same happens when one accept what others say on the news, TV, and Hollywood movies, a sublime control for the masses to control ONEself thoughts and emotions and deviate ONEself from the Universal Mind.

This post is not about telling something many already know; instead, it reminds them that ONE’s free will is the choice one will have to experience since ONE is either growing or dying.

Perhaps, “ONE can’t stand still.” Either giving ONE’s attention to where ONE is going, or ONE is giving attention to where ONE already has been, perhaps ONE is giving ONE’s attention to where ONE is right now. But in any case, wherever ONE is giving ONE’s attention is ONE own vibration, and that is what the Universe is matching at all times, no exceptions.

So in all these, where and what is the ONE heart does?

Yes, we all know the heart is an organ that pumps through the circulatory system ONE's blood. But what about this, did you know;

“The heart is the divine self-expression that each and everything that breathes in the multiverse has, and it is capable of changing an entire world reality based on the same frequency of heart loving vibration.”

The opportunity to explore, express, and change new realities by using a mere belief is always available if one desires, allowing the voice of the ONE heart to speak out loud in the air. “I love you all” for no reason or cause, just a big kind, and warm “I love you all” from the voice and intelligence of ONE’s heart, out in the space of the creator will suffice to alter time and space for the greatest good of all.

Divine beings living on earth at this time, to be alive ONE supposed to be living a spiritual experience through the means which the soul would expand and flourish in the most divine expression and profound ways. To create and manifest change, new life, and conscious light vibrational frequency from the ONE heart. Each of you is capable of transcending and touching others without effort whatsoever. The illusion of separation continues keeping many until now with the belief that it is all about ONESELF when in fact, it has never been all about you! Instead, about all that is!

Since the innermost part of something or someone is the vibrational frequency that ONE can express. First, consider forgiving ONEself for all the wrong ONE had made in time and space and perhaps in past incarnations. Then I big “I love myself for being myself!” Simple to the point with much heartfelt state;


By accepting the ONE thing that is real and always be “LOVE,” ONE is changing the reality of ONEself. Your heart is pure love! You are loved right now; remember that you are the self-expression of all that is LOVE.

You are Eternal; you are free; you are infinite; you are multidimensionally capable of transcending any reality because you are immeasurable. The fact that you exist at this very moment, you are blessed; remember you were created out of divine material from the one heart of all “YOU ARE DIVINE.”

Celebrate that you can create new realities when you listen to your heart, especially at this magnificent time in human history, where every human had the choice to be free. Twenty years ago, this conscious decision wasn’t even considered, for many was possible to think that ONE has the power to release ONEself from those that are controlling the mind.

When one recognizes that, ONE is here, now, alive, and that blood pumps in ONE’s veins to fuel the life force of ONE magnificent heart cognition. The divine frequency capable of changing the reality of an entire world would manifest just by loving ONEself, and all that exist. Remember that when the time comes to leave this earth, ONE will take nothing that ONE has received or acquired but what ONE has given: a whole heart enriched by honestly, loving service to all that breathes compassion, love, and courage.

Since there is nothing outside of ONE and everything is within, ONE can use this magnificent expression to free and inspire others by putting out whatever is that the intelligence of your ONE heart inspires ONE to do.

The words below are not trivial since ONE learns it at birth neither is an expression to describe something as part of the programmed mind. Instead is a frequency like a feeling from within ONE heart. These words can transcend time and space and parallel realities to free an entire planet just by saying a simple.


Wherever ONE gives attention is always ONE’s vibration, and the Universe is matching in response no matter what! The power of “I love you all, I love myself” set into the ONE space will carry the frequency of its vibration to spread genuine love waves of expression from the ONE heart you all are.

The only truth and reality that exist are the ONEfinds within ONEself heart.

Just in case ONE is wondering what the heart does within?

Now you know it! Thanks for listening!

♥ ♥ ♥ I LOVE YOU ALL! ♥ ♥ ♥

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