Beloved hearts,

Life can be difficult at times and this is meant for us to learn to let go or to pay attention to whatever one is experienced in the now moment.

Especially when one holds the stress in the body, but then when One trust and let go! All begin to be in harmony around you, balance and peace. Then you feel in harmony just because you trust in your heart to let go!

This is a simple reminder, that the simplest things in each one of us cannot be bought, to be experienced with one’s heart ability to discern each day.

Our most precious gifts, since we came into this world are the most overlook as simple or not even notice by some, but they are really the most wonderful gifts ever in humanity.

Just look at yourself and all around you:

Touch yourself and others. Taste everything if you have a chance.

See everything around and inside of you.

Hear the sounds of nature.

Feel the Universe is daily taking to you.

Laugh when bad things happened, because you’re learning.

Love to yourself first and then would be easy to love others and everything in the Universe.

Be thankful because you have it all and everything you ever wanted within yourself, Freedom, Compassion, Faith, Destiny, and LOVE.

Perhaps these are the most beautiful ”Seven Wonders of Each Living Creature on the Entire World“. Even the tightness creature has them.

1. Touch the souls of those around you!

2. Taste life in all your expressions of adventures and capabilities!

3. See what is unseen within you, to bring forward your magnificent power!

4. Hear the Universe speak to you all of the times just listen!

5. Feel the connection with the earth and all around you!

6. Laugh at the simplest moments and within your heart, you will love more of you!

7. Love is cure, Love is power, Love is the Magic of Changes, and Love is your mirror, as Rumi said!

Perhaps there is to learn from our pets and amazing companions the beautiful and peaceful moments!

Thanks for Listening!

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