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Vibrational communication.

The Universe responds to your words and thoughts via your emotional frequency; it is also sometimes called universal energy. Everything in the universe is made of vibrating energy. Some things have a higher vibration or a lower vibration.

Lifeforce energy is something that flows through all living things. It sustains and nourishes our bodies, and it can be used to support and increase the body's natural self-healing ability. Higher vibrations equate with greater potency. This is why ideas and language ultimately change the world instead of machine guns and fighter jets.

The world is made of language, and as our communication skills improve, our place in the world does. The Universe is reading and responding to your vibration every moment you choose to think or feel, and the less visible something is, the higher its vibration. Just like emotions and consciousness vibrate on a higher frequency than tangible objects.

Love or hate, for example, vibrates at a higher frequency. Therefore, thoughts, being invisible, have tremendous power. So you are what you are thinking, you embody what you speak, just like when someone says; I hate this or that, etc. This person hates him or herself! When a person says I love nature, I love this, or that, etc. When ONE loves their own life, it is only a matter of time before the person's nature awakens. Just like nature does, gently moving on each season with the natural process to change, transmute, and come back again.

Language comprises words, which are invisible thoughts shared via invisible sounds waves – their power potential is enormous. This is how Language is the way to engage and have the world's power. Each individual on Earth has the power to create love since we all are made of love and capable of speaking love.

But many just forgot how!

It's been said that the world is made of language; moreover, Quantum physics has taken physics to a place where scientific theory breaks down. Anyone can witness the power of love frequency of vibration capable of moving mountains.

Language verbal expressions,

All words can confound or contradict ONE normal understanding since words as used and made of beliefs as concealed programs received at infancy.

So how does all of this apply to anyone?

Well, rather than speaking a programmed vocabulary, One must think before speaking “TBS,” re-organizing imagines into interpretations of reality to inspire us to reflect more deeply on the power of language and the words we choose while speaking into the space of the universe. The universe is not out there or above; the Universe is you.

When ONE understands that the world at large matches ONE’s frequency, it can motivate us to re-examine ONE’s communication skills, language is the way to align with the positive power of the Multiverse. Therefore, it works on your behalf and aids you in reaching your expression of self at its fullest potential.

When ONE cultivates and entertains a positive or negative feeling, ONE connects to the emotional frequency word expressed regardless. Therefore, the world around you can respond accordingly by sending you to people, places, things, times, events, and circumstances that better match the vibrations you are sending out.

Often those things ONE’s taken for granted are the most fascinating and powerful. The mere fact that thoughts vibrate can be carried through the air, to your ears, and interpreted within the brain (assuming an even remotely similar lexicon) is truly powerful and magical.

Therefore beloved beings. The occasion is now to wake up! How and what are you entertaining by expressed via thoughts, actions, words, and emotions to others?

The connection to ONE’s higher self is well known to be the closest part of God that lives in your heart of all. It is a self-love connection recognition for one's abilities to experience life for what it is, a magnificent gift instead of letting the ego exist. As ONE continues to move swiftly toward that understanding, a level of ONEness brings you to your next highest evolution within your collective.

Especially to those who are still slumbering have not come to an awakening state; even to them, changes are happening within their frequencies. Spiritual changes are happening to all DNA shifted and recalibrated since everyone sleeping or awakening will shift no matter what. Their third eye centers are beginning to open just or already has.

The ascension process guides anyone to eventually connect with their higher selves to assist Earth's ascension. Its new stellar cycle is a yarning lifetime event; many incarnated ONES have the privilege of experiencing by changing world history to free humanity into a new WORL evolution of loving beings of golden light.; higher self to higher self will speed this process of higher vibrational consciousness, where we all become ONE to speak and create from the ONE HEART OF ALL.

The Occasion is now to move beyond this charade. The Occasion is now to go beyond the 3D falsehoods. The Occasion is now to recognize and accept the truth. As said many times, ‘the truth shall set us free,’ LOVE will triumph above all. Just open up to love! Share your heart-loving frequency, and love will reveal to you all.

The Occasion is now, let go, and embrace the magnificence of who, indeed, you all are. The Occasion is now to understand the presence of your beingness on earth.




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