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Avoid dwell in the past; do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. Just think about it, what you are doing to others you do to yourself. Every so often, we heed our inner voice if we only take the time to listen more closely what your heart is telling, you may be surprised to discover others think just like you.

Because we are all one!

Being a woman or being a man is not that easy as may seem. If only we change what is negative and turn it into a wonderful expression of what we came to do on Earth. Perhaps this is what would be like:

Be present always:

The ultimate consciousness is always present everywhere. It is beyond time and space, with no before or after. It is undeniable and obvious.

So what can be said about it?

Being in love is so good for us all, often when one is newly in love, things that have been bothering for a long time change for the better. Something wonderful is calling the majority of your attention, so are holding yourself in a better vibrational place.

And so, you must understand that the best you can offer to yourself is when you either being a man or a woman in this reality one most stop waiting for happiness to come from the opposite sex. When a man and a woman respect themselves for what they are, this oneself with immense dignity and more importantly when yourself love begins by loving yourself.

It is then, your surroundings will transcend the laws of time and space because to love yourself does not depend on others around you. Instead, to identify with your inner power of self-worth, this is the beginning of your Infinite light and atonement of your unconditional Ommilove for yourself as part of you, and all that is.

Therefore the whole of the Multiverse will send you back the same loving frequency you are, and everything and everyone will truly love you for being yourself. From the one heart of all into your heart!


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