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Divine Humans on Planet Earth,

The fundamental difference between humans and animals is that they don’t participate in the same way the Matrix program on Earth as ONE does. Instead, these beloved beings of Air, Water, and Earth are mistreated, alter biologically experimenting with the same goal of manipulation. Your mind has been misleading to believe that they are expendable.

The Word Latin anima means “breath” or “soul,” and animalis, “Animals,” the adjective that comes from it, means “having breath or soul.” A being such as a cat or dog can be seen to breathe. The noun animal, which comes from animalis, is considered a group of living beings that breathe visibly.

Today more than ever, those in power see, treat and experiment with every living animal on earth. There is no difference between them and humans. These beings have an innate ability to heal us. Many have kept it secret; this is why the brutal mass slaughter of cows, chickens, and other farm animals continues to be part of heartless mutilation. Many ignore that their meat has been altering with their own endorphins released at fear before they die. The animal's emphatic endorphins keep vibrating after death from the supermarket and into your being.

Dolphins, as an example;

Dolphins are here to heal the planet, not to entertain humans; Dolphins balance the Earth vortex, and they love all creatures, human or not, because they have in their DNA pure God essence. Just when you think of them, you already feel the love in your heart because they are doing their part on Earth. They protect the planet and all that breathes with God's essence. So, next time you think of them, send them love. Their telepathic skills will send back healing LOVE to you all.

It is not about telling you what you may ignore; it is about bringing to your attention your perception of reality can be distorted by continued thinking that you are separate from everything going on. Instead, use the power of your conscious awareness to heal yourself, to love yourself and all, let go of what doesn’t serve you.

The soul is not something contained in the body; Souls is your consciousness. It uses the brain to experience physicality since a soul is inseparable from the Whole, from the Source, and does not function independently of the Source. That is just an illusion in ONE’s mind soul is us all to the Multiverse.

Reality is made and temporarily selected by ONEself in a human form; for training purposes, the human body is a remote consciousness filter detached from the source the moment we enter or take place on Earth. One must raise ONE's frequency and elevate the consciousness from a human form. That is what enlightenment means to become light as a feather, not as tuning the light. To transcend the limitation of the physical existence allows anyone to understand that we share this reality with interdimensional nature entities.

Do what you most, do what feels right in your heart. It is great to continue moving toward a better world; teach others, help others, love others, the part of self-discovery within. Know that many will not make ascension as per their will; this is why many are here to learn. Make peace with your family and friends; this is one of many steps you have to do to move into the ascension of your consciousness, the soul.

The leaders of entire countries all around the planet, governmental and religious groups and sects, those controlling right now are ready and prepared for what is happening.

What about you? Find the truth, make an accurate and clear intention of being of service for the greatest good of all, let go of the illusion that being spiritual is an imaginary concept, but the remembrance of your mere incarnation into the age of Aquarius. Is it not LOVE what you came here to experience as the ONE’s desire beyond all else.

We are entirely connected, you, me, all, and this is why when ONE loves and expands ONE consciousness, One shares this truth to all and affects the whole just as when ONE desires or chooses wrong will create worse for all.

Beloved hearts, supposed you will depart this incarnation, what good you could make if you know that is the last thing you could do for all. Let go of the old model in which circumstances need to manifest themselves in a certain way before you can take action.

Let it go!

There is nothing outside of you, and all happens within your mind programs. Consider taking the time to be out of the usual matrix of everyday life. While you disconnect from daily living tasks and duties, there is no need to go far from your city. This exercise can be done outside your back yard or in a Greenland area, take off your shoes, feel the grass beneath your feet, breathe deep in and out, several times, center and quiet the mind and express with the voice of your heart; Repeat this aloud three times;

From the true experience and nature of my being,

I choose to be happy;

I choose to be free,

I choose joy over suffering,

I choose integrity,

I choose light over dark,

I choose what makes me feel in expansion over what makes me feel a contraction. I have control of what I see; the world is a reflection of what is inside me. I control my own reality; I am a multidimensional being of unconditional love! Loving myself in the best way, I accept myself with respect and compassion for myself.

If you do this each day, no matter what time before you start your day or after, these will assist you in shifting your energies of the earth, Gaia. When you re-training yourself in this way of thinking, you become magnetic. Allowing your abundance and joy and opportunities for serving others, more love and acceptance of yourself will expand to create a peaceful unconditional love connection for being here right now.

Therefore, more light in your field and reality will take you into a higher vibration frequency. There is thought, and there is a thought-form, and there is Manifestation. Manifestation is always in the eye of the beholder. So this time-space-reality that everyone is perceiving is nothing more than vibrational interpretation.

It is the desire to become the lightness of your own heart, to allow your thoughts to become the reality of self. The desire to feel in love in every moment with all, when you love the totality of yourself will transcend social consciousness, and would exceed your own judgments, because you go beyond the illusion of time, because you are ONE with all, and all is One with you!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, all that you are, and more that is all you ever be.

Thank you for listening!

I love you! Namaste!

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