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Dear people on earth,

When you allow your Heart and mind to become ONE peaceful unit without the ego, letting go of labeling anything, then you have made a clear, heartfelt conscious choice. For example, when you see a rose, ONE cannot say it is beautiful, or a dandelion is ugly because everything is made of consciousness, and both are beautiful to the beholder of their light. This light shape allows absolute knowingness of all thoughts to enter ONE’s Heart and brain consciousness unaltered by labels or expectations, ego, and judgment. Every time ONE’s thoughts judge, one creates a low vibrational frequency.

When ONE divides thoughts to positive or negative, ONE has altered them into a low vibration frequency value. The heart's intelligence does not judge; it only feels and observes, and when it knows, it knows! Because ONE is using the neuron nets connection from source directly, the Heart cognition into the field of expression of knowingness in Its pure potential without judgment.

When you know, you know, yet others always want to know more, to find why and to know more. This thinking process will take ONE to an endless sea of confusing answers of wanting to know more. All of your thoughts in the first place were true and correct. Knowing does not weigh, or value thought. This concept is not about the Matrix programs of the 3D, but the perception of cognition based on time and space into not knowing but knowing it.

Allow your thought process to be pure without an interception or interrupted way of thinking to be able to see another plane of existence, to listen to the finer sound, to become lighter. All you are is what you know; you are multidimensional unlimited, and pure consciousness. Just trusting your Heart is the key!

So you can fully experience life in its pure essence, to understand that the component of a rose is a magnificent structure to the point of altering your brain waves and senses that are the true language of love and light. And only when observing that ONE can communicate with the rose colors, shapes, scents, and soul by just observing and allowing the rose to make its statement, ONE will know it.

You can allow in the same way all the experiences that your body communicates to you. Through that conscious mind, you will make a connection with yourself. It all starts first, with your entire essence of beingness before you experience the Conscious mind of the whole.

Allow thoughts to enter your Heart to awaken ONE consciousness, unaltered by your ego or judgment. ONE can fully experience a multidimensional expression of ONEself when ONE chooses love over the labels of your conscious programs. The idea of something being possible or the ideal of something being not possible limits ONE to allow new thoughts that match your heart vibration.

When ONE understands that consciousness is not in the body and not in the brain—the brain and whole body act as an antenna for consciousness outside the body in an etheric field, the brain is a translator for each person's consciousness in the etheric field entering through the body into a so-called physical world. One is not in the body; ONE works from the etheric field into the so-called material world through a body.

Learn to observe all around you with the eyes of love “ ONE’s Heart” the rose is doing what it suppose to do, a conscious choice to bloom in and wither shortly after the magnificent expression of her bloom. Yet the rose did express its most sublime expression of itself for those observing, listening, or ready to receive this magnificent gift of expression.

If a rose can achieve what many are not able to comprehend, why not ONEself? Perhaps by observing all things from different degrees of consciousness expression? This idea would allow ONEself experience infinite consciousness beyond everyday 3D reality. Continue disconnecting from all by texting ONE cell phone will continue to damage the neuron nets of ONE’s brain and have only small retention or patience. That is why not many cannot meditate for more than 10 minutes.

When ONE allows to be and go beyond the everyday existence, ONE may understand the reason for this incarnation when accepting and understanding ONEself as it is. And not by judging or hating ONEself or others, ONE will understand that we are all components of a more excellent UNIT going at different stages of perfection of the ONE self-expression.

Love everything, love your family and friends, and love those earthlings who are not open to change or don’t understand ascension even if they say they do. When ONE lets self-judgment and others stop, ONE can consider that it is neither right nor wrong, possible nor impossible, perfect or imperfection, positive or negative.

These are the programs ONE is operating from. ONEself ascension will take down the illusion of time by being present as to be able to feel the beauty of all that is, of being alive here and now. ONE’s thoughts will cease to be in the past or the future, preoccupied with remorse.

Be before you are!

Whatever you go, do, feel, and desire will come to you by being open to isness. So, open your mind, precious souls on earth. When you love and accept yourself as you are right now, the fear you feel knowing that certain E.T’s are about to make contact will fade. Yes, soon, there will be a new movement to trick you and completely take away your sovereignty in exchange for healing yourself and the planet. These E.T’s, are not the benevolent ones that many can only experience via channels. Know that many of us oracles, channels, and mediums; in order to have this higher level of connection and communication with other starseed races, we must resonate at a higher level above the 3D.

Wake up divine souls; you really can be in alignment in your body, mind, and spirit. When you are evident, balance your chakras and develop a higher frequency of resonance within your heart, and most importantly, stay grounded and assist mother Earth. Yet this new manipulation program will be the last part to take your humanity.

So did you believe that because your chakras are in alignment and without blockages, supposed, you are awakened because your heart vibrates at a fifth-dimensional frequency? This is why many will be seeing E.T’s like in the movies?

Understand that when you awake your heart and consciousness, perhaps you will see your family from the stars traveling in great spaceships that have an incredible beauty, love, and unity consciousness. They understand the importance of being ONE; they are here to teach us ONENESS instead of separation.

Allow yourself to understand your abilities, to befriend another time and space of the 5D (fifth dimension). Or beings from afar a galaxy, that is why you most open your mind to be able to change your way of thinking in striving to become greater than you already ARE each day, because you are here, right now and there is not tomorrow.

I am you, you are me, I am everything, and everything is me, we all are ONE. Thank you for listening dear hearts,


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