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They are here,

Open your mind, be ready to let go of the concepts of the 3D; you had accepted from the movies and media in regards to how a spaceship looks. Many on Earth are already afraid or scared due to this movement of Hollywood movies, where they depict beings from other planets destroying us, making them look like the bad guys. You all are capable of believing and becoming Gods or Goddesses in your own universe. Understand or remember you cannot be God in God's Universe.

This concept is a powerful and clear perspective to understand your endless potential. When you use your heart to see the world around you, you can see the spaceships are not what you think they will look like; instead, accept that you can see it by just knowing that they are real. You will then be able to open your mind and notice that they are in the quantum space of your reality, matching their frequency to see your beloved friends and families from the stars.

Not for the eyes of other humans since they don't have the same vibrational frequency; this is why whatever you feel, sense and experience might not be what the person just beside you experience. When you do everything from your Heart consciousness instead of your mind, you will be able to accept and see this magnificent 5D reality of the now.

Perhaps only in your dreams, for now, you would communicate with them! Until your brain neurons upgrade to this light frequency, know that your family from the stars are traveling in great aero-ships that possess an incredible beauty, immense love, and unity consciousness. You will be able to experience this reality already for many, not just in dreams.

Open your mind and look up! When you observe, you will know, then your Heart will tell you they are here, and there is no need to prove or tell anyone because for now.

They have chosen you to make their first contact with them, so trust and remember that it is the voice, the light, and the vibration of your Heart the way of communicating with these higher vibrational beings.

Be open mind and not anxious about your own powers of creation.

Avoid thinking that you cannot be a God or Goddess when you say, "I am God or Goddess." Implying that you had reached higher levels of vibrational consciousness, compassion, and unconditional Omni love for all that breathe, no matter how small or big this can be on Earth. Do what your Heart guides you, take part in the world you will love to live in, embody the power to create and achieve your success that is based on the vibration of your own conscious choices.

When you visualize the blissful emotional sensation to see yourself already there, create the life you desire. ONE creates and brings all around ONEself people, places, things, times, and events with you; therefore, you ARE creating a better world for all to take place in the perfectly loving world of your quantum reality.

Like, enter a frequency where you feel more connected with people, places, things, times, and events with a higher level frequency to become ONE consciousness! To accept that you are! And you don’t have to worry about what the vibration of others is if your vibration is ONE of love and connection, that is all ONE requires. Listen: If your vibration is one of connection, you will dominate the vibration.

Understand that you control the way you feel because you get to choose your thoughts about relationships with others in a positive manner. After all, they are part of your desires to construct the life you want to live. Many believe that they only have the option of responding to the circumstances that surround them.

And that’s what makes them attempt the impossible, which is to control the circumstances around them, which only feeds their feeling of frustration and vulnerability. It doesn’t take much life experience to discover that you can’t control all those circumstances.

You always had been capable of creating and controlling your vibration. This is your own game reality, right or wrong, conscious or subconscious. When you understand how you travel in your own vibration, you will consider that everything and anything matches your divine soul vibrational frequency. Love, peace, and bliss!

Thanks for listening!


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