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Shift global consciousness,

Beautiful hearts on Earth, whenever you wake up with tears in your eyes. Make an effort to journal your experiences when visiting other dimensions. With practice, you can detect even when the dark ones are harassing you before you wake up with their imprints on your consciousness and their none sense.

After waking up, take a moment to feel calm, centered, loving, observing without judgment. Know that everything happening now is for a reason and everything that occurs has a higher purpose.

As you breathe in and out, exhale, connect to Mother Earth, feel your life force vibration of unconditional love. Love the air you breathe, love the water you drink, love the Earth you walk, love the fire that ignites your being into following your noble desires in life. Only then will you know what is next. What would you create in this new day? Consider spreading the connection to all as wide and far as possible with your loving light and presence.

Let us start by Forgive.

Forgiveness has an incredible healing power: It has the power to disable any thoughts and emotions of low vibrations. Isn’t that what every sane human being would like to see happening?

Why allow past unpleasant events to dictate how you feel and act in the present moment?

Why allow the emotions to spoil the clean air of your present moment with their stinky and polluted emanations?

Why are you holding on to these poisonous influences? Isn’t it a sign of a severe addiction to feel this way?

Forgiveness is what allows you to disengage your mental and emotional patterns from these detrimental habits. Forgiveness is what allows you to create open spaces within your being so that they can be filled with new, positive, emotional experiences, like the exciting feeling of a new trip.

Yes, dear Heart, experiences occur at multiple levels of your being, and these layers are interconnected. Whenever an expression of Beauty strikes you, feelings of gratitude and appreciation automatically surge into your being and create wonderful emotional and spiritual ‘highs.’ It happens to everyone, whether or not they are aware of their spiritual nature.

Forgive could be compared to severing any attachments of low vibration in your life from your beingness. Such low exerts of strong emotional gravitational pull prevents you from enjoying your life. You are, foremost, a spiritual being. Yet, you are the ONE to decide at which level to spend your life, as each level directly impacts the quality of your experience.

Forgiveness truly makes you lighter and sets you free. It lifts accumulated debris off your shoulders and hugely facilitates your forward ascension toward your eternal life purpose. Whenever you forgive, you are dumping out of your system emotions whose dead weights have oppressed you and prevented you from breathing more freely. Don’t you notice how the heavy emotions of grudges and resentment, fear and their likes, speed up your heart rate and shorten your breath?

On the other hand, whenever the healing balm of peace is applied to each layer of your being, your breathing slows down to keep up with this comfortable and soothing emotion. Your heartbeat slows down as well, and a feeling of euphoria moves in.

Such a process does not happen overnight, like so many difficult memories and emotions may have found their way into the confines of your being throughout your life. You did not know then that you were equipped with a powerful evacuation system: Tell yourself: What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?

Thank you for listening.


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