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I am Light and Love!

Dear Hearts,

As you wake up, feel excited because you know that you are creating a new day; therefore, consciously moving to ONEself sublime light force to grow strong in the best way possible for all on Earth. To be able to walk through the gate of the fifth dimension within your consciousness.

When ONE moves through conscious choices leaving behind the perspective of separation, the yearning of this loving emotion soon becomes a new reality for all—remembering to be in the presence of all beings of higher dimensional light from the fifth Dimension. Beings from other worlds, some may have form and others just divine light.

Imagine a day when we used to be one conscious and multidimensional family all together creatures and beings of light, sharing and communicating with a natural language of all time and the vibration of the one Heart of all LOVE!

Omni love is the Multiversal frequency that can transcend into other galaxies from your heart to others, and It is within always! Love is the verb that leads the soul and spirit to freedom!

So let us be free as many souls are ready to shift into higher vibrational consciousness, allowing the frequency vibrations of the ONE Heart of all to awaken within your being.

Say, I am Light and Love! The more you believe, the more everything turns out. Believe and trust!

We all are LOVE!

I love you forever! Thanks for listening!

Always, Your Heart!


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