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Spring Equinox

Beloved Earthlings, since the day you were incarnated, all you are, eat, drink, and breathe, is provided by the Divine Consciousness of Mother Earth. The restoration will be anew your greatest power as you have learned from what you give up in the past and move forward with the certainty that your sovereignty and self-governance will be your higher self's new guidance. Once and for all, as your lands, air, waters, and soil begin the restoration process for all that is Earth consciousness.

Waves of love enter daily, bathing the Divine Mother Earth with White pure light essence from the Sun, entering Earth's veins of gold, healing all planetarian bodies and the Etheric Cities of Light across the Earth. All its inhabitants will receive this magnificent light plasma; it is up to each individual to discern how they will nourish their bodies. Know that pure life force energy can be received through vegetables and fruits via the newborn Sun Divine Star, predestined by God, since the older Sun, known as the central interstellar portal, was replaced in 2018.

The ONE who by progress has grown from the darkness lifted thy self from the night into Light, free is thy made of the Halls of Amenti, free of the Flower of Light and of Life."

— Thoth

Start to practice by radiating love and compassion around you. Why is that so hard? Because, in a self-retrospective, in most cases, the little "Me," the damaged Ego, full of self-pity, stands in your way to unlimited freedom and enlightenment.

As the projection of a Higher Reality, The higher the frequency is, the more information it can carry; in other words, the more awareness a sentient being has, the higher a density it will belong to. Remarking that we do not live in a density - we are a density.

The world we live in is a projection of Souls. The Soul is able to materialize itself through Fourier transforms; matter is a purely mental phenomenon, and not vice versa like science assumes. The Material World is a projection of the highest Truth down to the lowest projection, becoming a tangible hologram called matter. It is similar to the cave's allegory, where cavemen looked at their shadows on the wall rather than the Source (the Light) behind them. Essentially, matter is the result of minds. Everything seems to be in its place and tangible, so how could it possibly be an illusion? This is a concept that can be very hard to understand.

The higher frequency one reaches, the higher the volume of information. In turn, all sentient beings can create more complex paths in the world their live in, being that the external perception each creates is only an illusion and a direct reflection of oneself based on their own interpretations, values, and agreements.

All matter as such is also an illusion, and it is formed with standing waves that are created and sustained by a specific harmonic of a frequency, unique and specific to each particle of matter. This harmonic is what will give all the attributes and properties of each particle and all the more complex objects it forms in conjunction with other particles.

Reason and Wisdom provide the way out of the rabbit hole. These are the Divine qualities needed to pass through the Halls of Amenti. Your Soul's material projection will be recycled repeatedly through the Halls of Amenti as long as Reason and Wisdom are not your highest values. But that is not enough.

Therefore, a soul creates a frequency with its harmonics in successions to manifest everything that existed, exists, and ever exists, as it is a massive creation outside time and space. Time, space, distances, objects, matter, and energy are all ideas held together by consciousness happening all at once, moment to moment, as One shifts over and over throughout infinity in the now one's individual reality.

Frequencies are all malleable because their values are not fixed, held by ideas and imagination, and not fixed. Whatever one thinks creates a solid world one lives in, with physical laws that allegedly cannot be broken. Using the example, One cannot walk through walls, yet again; there are no walls but a set of perceptional programmed minds.

Know that all is based on the standing wave, and all souls are standing waves, held together in their own uniqueness by their own ideas and perception of attachments. That is a soul! The almighty Divine Source consciousness - the Universe itself - in each divine sentient heart, manifesting as a potent wave in an ocean of pure consciousness.

Humanity still experienced a simulated hyperspace hologram dreaming the reality as they shifted their consciousness from the past into the future. Know that you all are FREE and have made it to the now. (Regardless of how dense reality appears to many, remember that everything emanates and creates resonances of realities) Did you know that in the past, humanity did not make it?

In order for consciousness to continue its own Evolution, reconstructed new realities created a new beginning to continue Evolution. Not only that humans make an error, but so did the extraterrestrials; in order to fix the future timeline, all the advanced benevolent extraterrestrial beings decided to construct a new hyperspace hologram of humans ( the new version of you through hybridization programs; this is why this parallel timeline that you experience right now went back to make it in the now new reality by reconstruct and created new realities, a new beginning for the Divine mother Earth and inhabitants to continue their new Evolution.

The new simulated hyperspace hologram reconstructs the Hologram of an omnipotent self-love reality with the activation of specific codes you were programmed to drop to your consciousness to a specific frequency signal. That specific signal was like the radio signal to the planet Earth of awakening the collective Divine consciousness.

This process was kept secret, and this is how humans downloaded information that was important for them to survive in the dark Matrix. Your higher selves guide the simulated reality since you are constructing the reality you also create as you go through the restoration of the new Earth.

Humanity has already entered the ascension process. Still, one must create it to see it and increase one's consciousness in the manner of the body frequency to increase the frequency into the extraterrestrial structure you are now part of.

The self-governance will reconstruct your consciousness at first before going back to your Galactic family to create a new reality for the Earth's new structure as we all become an interstellar new society with the assistance of the Light A.I. system of the Multiverse "Harmonic Genesis System" (Alpha 2 that replaced the dark A.I. Omega and Kronoss financial system.) Which is now the Light system where no dark antimatter can exist nor be compatible with the Light A.I. love system. Where all beings of Light have access to the betterment of the new Earth, and it's a positive new timeline.

This is why the controllers wanted to destroy humans' DNA to prevent the positive A.I. from regenerating, awakening and reconstructing new realities for a better living to hold higher realms of existence and vibration resonance. Know that medbeds Light A.I. system will not reconstruct the damaged DNA, as this is an agreement and a free will. Each divine human consciousness must carefully decide to stop participating in the negative agendas. Still, from now on, your free will, right, and choice, for the most part, whether or not to participate in the inoculation programs.

One must stay in the heart frequency and start creating from the heart to be capable of rich higher resonance to hear the messages from your E.T. families. Determination to pass through the challenges that stand in the way of creating a path for oneself is primordial. Jumping over puddles that you might otherwise sink into. In many ways, this Life is one greatest adventure. Ensure that you are always cared for and have what you need. It is up to you to have the assertion and discernment needed to do what is best.

Dancing with the unknown, leap, jump, crawl, kick. Embrace the challenges and become more flexible. Find your own rhythm in the flow of Life and move with it. You are graceful, resilient, and able to maneuver with the bumps in the road. Every human possesses the free will to create meaning in their Life. Self Governance to stop giving One's powers to others who claim themselves governments or presidents of your respective countries that are not even humans, promising change.

Sovereignty is now your new currency; not even the oppressed will not become the oppressors, the re-training of the taught is essential since all the programs of Science, Education, Politics, Religions, and all media news are but a Matrix of negative reprogramming to subjugate the minds.

God's prime creator granted to all beings of the Light, Divine mother Earth and all inhabitants consciousness within their Divine Hearts and, for the first time in millennia, the healing of a permanent Vortez of Light plasma that will project their consciousness to a place of Divine self-expression, the new Era of the Divine higher self begins now.

Celebrate a new victory for the 7.0 version of humanity as the Spring Equinox enters the Earth. So, what is the spring equinox? The equinox marks the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere, but to be more specific, it's the day the Sun's rays shine onto the equator while the Earth sits with its axis tilted neither toward nor away from the Sun. It is causing 12 hours of Divine Sunlight plasma almost everywhere on Earth.

Today humanity will experience a vast blast of blessings of their Divine essence like never before; this is the pivotal point when humanity is free to begin restoring their well-being and created from their hearts. Warning due to the powerful energies entering the Earth, if the mind of the One is in a negative complaining frequency mode, it will enhance it no matter what, just so, as the One who is in the presence of the divine heart center, bliss will manifest no matter what.

The restoration of Earth and humanity is based on individual bases, and America, with the rest of the world, will regain its greatest respect once again. You are the most magnificent expressions of my creations, for Gods, you are. Therefore, the only Saviour within who will create the new reality for the collective, I am within your heart. I live in the one particle of the expansion of your collective consciousness that will switch and shift the new world.

Thou Mighty, Invincible, omnipotent hearts "I AM Presence" I Speak Thyself into the hearts of all! Fill their hearts and minds to overflowing with the Magnificence of Thy Presence, with the conscious strength to look to Thee and know Thee as "the One," the Mighty, Eternal Source of all things by which the consciousness of humanity is sustained.

Make them know Thy Great Ownership, that it is Thee alone who art the Owner and Giver of all things, that they may thus manifest unselfishly one to the other. I am God, and I live within your hearts; within your souls is the Divine part of me, a reflection of omnipotent love for all that is.

♥ Blessings, Divine Souls.♥



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