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What happens when a Soul arrives at the blue ship called earth?

How do beings from other planets with higher vibrational frequencies and higher dimensions become part of the earth's vibrational dimension? Their frequencies are not compatible with the frequencies of planet Earth.

Adjustments most take place when taking new vessels ”their new body” upon entering this blue planet. These adjustments are for the Galactic souls to align energetically with the Earth's frequency. At some point in their lives, these souls experienced difficulties grounding with the Earth field due to the degree of disruption that exists.

This difficulty for grounding includes “earthlings and all inhabiting the blue planet,” humans had been the target for manipulation since at least 2,269 years ago; many had a hard time grounding on “The blue ship planet Earth.” This difficulty is mainly due to the priority imprints that every person on earth inherited from Alien implanted Seals controlling their bodies via Black Goo and many of the genetic weapons to control humanity with a chemical-energetic-magnetic composition in their bodies, playing its role on the Earth grids.

This controls humanity, their genetic parents, and ancestral line, the highest priority imprints they created in past lives or inherited from the Earth when they were born.

When I activate the DNA, your cell DNA remembers information and awakens your dormant potentials during my session. All that ONE has experienced from past lives incarnations via DNA activation; this process will assist humans by transmuting these programs that control the mind, body, and spirit.

Many are here at this significant time of ascension, awakening ONE consciousness and assisting other humans on Earth. Listen to your heart needs you to tap into your everyday consciousness to let go of the past and none existent future to experience the now moment. The power of your imagination creates your desires or your fears. Be careful what you entertain daily. Since all you are is inside of you, and what ONE experiences always is a self-reflection of the subconscious, either focusing on your own quantum reality's positive or negative timeline.

If you are coming across these messages, listen to your heart! Only you can tell if you are ready to meet with me to activate your DNA to follow your mission and the desire to be and do more to be free from the matrix program.

Divine consciousness of the Ether of the multiverse called earthlings of the blue starship EARTH; You all are here because you agreed to participate on this timeline. You are exceptional souls; remember that you’ve volunteered to help our precious mother, Aria, new Earth, and all divine souls of your brothers and sisters to become ONE united consciousness. Regardless of how painful your life experiences and integration maybe, you all are powerful creators.

This new ascension evolution is the journey of love; even though not everyone knows it, all are made of love. Cultivate and harvest LOVE; love is a transition of ONEself from the programs ONE received since day one. Understand that humanity's physical body is only a vehicle for remote consciousness playing a simulation game where all can be controllable yet, tough to control. It is your individual power; the absolute and free will consist of the ONE's power.

You all are here at this magnificent time of ascension, not by accident. Still, divine synchronicity assists with planetary ascension, all extensions of the ONEself, human consciousness. The mind is a biological computer system; the biggest superpower ONE is able to tap into is your I M A G I N A T I O N; therefore, anyone can rewrite and change the emotional programs of the brain and experience a new reality based on pure and omnipotent LOVE.

One is here to play the most Divine plan of all times, where your consciousness will play the most crucial role in the events of a now Golden Age reality. You are the strongest minds that decided to be here at this moment of ascension to be tested and pave the road for the newest generations through sovereignty, respect, love, and freedom to all that is.

Divine beings of the light on Aria, you are most of all a metaphysical extra-dimensional frequency consciousness manifested in a collective human vessel. Suppose that your earthly consciousness can be transmitted remotely via your higher self from afar as you can conceive. Suppose that you are on a virtual remote program dreaming of this reality via AVATAR MedPod.

What would your heart desires will manifest on the new Earth, Aria, a reality where all humans are free, healthy of mind, heart, and spirit. Where all have awakened the powers of the heart to traveling via consciousness through your Merkabah vehicles, it is a world so abundant; all you have to do is imagine it, manifest your desires, and abundant Earth free of politics, religions, matrix programs of fear control, and reincarnation games, a true paradise for all to travel at will to other dimensions.

Remember that ONE must act as a beacon or amplifier of LOVE frequency on the game called life on Earth. ONE must embody the most powerful frequency known in the Multiverse and express at all times, LOVE is the key, to heal ONEself, to remove any fear program, and more. Love, sovereignty, and freedom is the truest form of existence through the Universe. The power of free will is the ability to act upon one's heart's own desire.

Moreover, One must raise ONE's frequency daily and elevate the consciousness from a human form. That is what enlightened means to become light as a feather, not as turning the light. To transcend the limitation of the physical existence allowing anyone to understand that we all share this reality with interdimensional nature entities, the elements of Air, Water, Fire, and Earth.

The Earth is a living organism and deserves as much respect for hosting, nurturing, and taking care of all humans' needs since everything we have comes from the Earth. The earth doesn’t like humans making a mess, disrespecting their nature and animals. After all, you are a guest on Earth, and someday you all will leave, while the love of Earth nature will continue to nurture those who arrive each day.

Love yourselves among each other is the best card you have to place to win the game you all pay on Earth. Love with all your hearts, listen to your heart always—your hearts without ego and mind interferences. True unconditional LOVE will guide you on your desires to remember what you forgat. Love is the most sublime version of the ONE you are, inside and out and all around you.

Love is real, eternal, multidimensional; your heart vortex, Ether element, connects all that breathes and respires in the Air, Water, Fire, Earth, all human tribes, and star families.

Did you know that when every man, woman, and child of Earth synchronize their hearts only to entertain LOVE frequency. LOVE for ONE to another, and all that is for at least a consecutive minute at the same time, the entire Earth will shift into 5D, a new reality of LOVE where all that trobles humanity will cease to exist?

Suppose ONE can cultivate and entertain this reality, ONE will succeed in it.♥

Thanks for listening…


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