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Wake up! Divine Souls on earth.♥

Suppose your consciousness and perception of reality are limited by what you have been told or taught. In other words, a small consciousness. Your reality and your Universe will be only the right size to fit your small consciousness perception of reality. If you have a more expanded consciousness and perception of your reality by questioning all that you have been told or taught, in other words, broad consciousness. Your reality and Universe will be consequently more expanded.

The greater the awareness, the greater perception of reality, just as the smaller the awareness, the smaller perception of reality. Science is controlling everything since you and your family have existed, in other words, for thousands of years. There is a reason many skeptics receive the information given by many from all directions. It is difficult to assimilate it since many concepts don't fit in their programmed minds. That is why the greater the awareness one is open to, the better the reception of new data.

Many in control at this very moment are keeping your minds distracted from what is really going on; it is a fact believed or not, the earth is shifting consciousness, and the more fear and control has been paying on the news and T.V. channels, radio, etc. The more humanity is in the stand by thinking, hoping, and believing that this will come to pass and that soon all will be like before.

Sadly, while many are in their houses keeping quiet, waiting for?

The longer you wait for someone to do something? The sooner you will find yourselves in the corner by those with dark agendas. Those in control are moving at a very rapid speed. It is time for you divine beings to WAKE UP to take control, you may think;

I'm nobody,

What can I do.,

How can I go awakening others?

The answer is none of the above is your limits nor your task to awakening others that want to experience this subjugation of their human rights. It is time to become determined and proclaimed your right to be here. Humans of planet earth reaffirm your faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and nations large and small, and to promote social progress and better living standards in considerable freedom. Those in control have one goalkeeping you in a small consciousness for their gain and benefit.

Humans reconstruct your new reality,

Not of your political nor the crown etc., is going to save you but exterminate you. Instead, no one else but you have to take the stand by reclaim and regain your sovereignty and honoring your free will to obtain your Divine God right to be free for real.

Did you know that you can revoke the right to belong to the state and free yourself from being treated and sold like cattle? So, that no one can impose their agendas on you ever? You have control to stop your government from preying upon you by threatening and harassing you, making you fearful, causing you mental, physical imbalance, poisoning the air, water, and earth.

Do not deny everything you cannot comprehend since all you learned since you remember is only a program to control by leading you to failure; science, governments, churches are here to decide for you by leading you to their will for their gain and power.

Those in control of the earth have implemented highly efficient discrediting systems against a person that falls outside the frame of accepted science. Many had experienced the confiscation of their unauthorized works and advances, even at the cost of losing their precious lives. Mental control is what controls humans. The mass media is the most efficient method of program mind control. It all reduces to say that humanity is the Matrix itself since each one feeds the Matrix according to oneself emotional state. Your thought and emotions create your reality, and from this very potent and yet subtle program that controls the Matrix finds any small level of frequency you are emanating within your emotions and thoughts;


How can I pay for my leaving if I lose my job? The Matrix finds scarcity at the speed of light (this is the main task of the matrix control) and projects more oppression into your reality by giving you more you don't want to experience. Now at work, it has been announced that most employees have to be inoculated; otherwise, employment will be terminated.

This is a sad reality for many in our neighboring country know that when you accept to be inoculated, you are human NO MORE. The substances added to this are for deterioration, manipulation, and termination of your human existence.

Divine-human race,

The reality of the entire creation lies beyond this visible world, and it is concealed within your hearts. The loving intelligence and creative power beyond dimensions have always been inside of you. It is time to take a stand and radiate unconditional love by avoiding the support of the slathering of farm animals, which in any case, only lowered your frequency and keeps you trapped in the 3D lower density. Since these poor animals' souls have been altered to carry many chemicals to alter your cells, especially at this time, those in control their goal is to depopulate the earth.

Many have chosen to travel to the earth to incarnate and experience the miracles on mother Aria, "the earth and her divine mantle." to breathe, eat, swim, drink her waters, even feel the fire's heat on the cold dawn.

Many arrive to connect with mother earth energy with the promise to create a better world TOGETHER, flowing into a fifth-dimensional world where all humans feel and love and respect and help one another to make the world a heaven on earth. Wake up, humans. Understand the natural state of manifestation into a matter of an etheric being is to become fifth dimensional.

Your consciousness turns on and off your genes and creates new ones; only YOUR genes control your genes. Do not let external forces inoculate your families unless you understand to become human NO MORE. Instead, be a new reality and experience what you want to see.

Humans, what are you waiting for?

Your mind consciousness is the key, and this is how the Matrix is controlling your reality.

YOUR attention is what manifests your reality.

YOU create your reality all of the time!

Your attention creates your reality.

Your mind consciousness is the key!

You are not limited artificially; your beliefs limit you, and those in control cause this human mental programming. In other words, the only things that limit humans are the ideas or beliefs that are limited.

Consciousness is not in the body; it works through the body. You are not there; you only perceive there now, and it cannot be contained.

To renounce this manipulation, understand your human rights is to release your mind and allow the glorious creativity of the mind that creates the Matrix to be transmuted into a reality of peace, love, and abundance in your minds, bodies, and spirits. With the power of your LOVING frequencies to awaken your beloved race just by accepting that you being controlled no more, let it go and move on into the probable capabilities of your conscious choices, creating a new reality based on Unity, peace, and love, to all sentient beings on earth and the multiverse.

The good news is that the programmed Matrix to control the earth for thousands of years is failing, creating glitches due to the lower potency; therefore, other alternatives programs for manipulation based on fear set in place like the one going on since last year. Understand that the Matrix is you, and you are feeding this machine with your frequencies and emotions of negativity, disconnection, disbelief, separation, hate, gossip, resentment, disrespect among yourselves.

Believe more in the program that there is air sickness going around the world and that you must be two m. apart and cover your face?

Instead, change your belief that you ARE the key to reverse this program to find the solution, use your creative power's intelligence since you create realities every moment of the day. Instead, create the reality of being free in a world filled with cooperation advancement to benefit yourself in a bigger picture to ascend as ONE human race. You don't have to go after others to convince them of your new beliefs. You have to keep going yourself by believing that you can, that you ARE the one that will save oneself is to save others.

Expressing the universal language of love is the most powerful tool you have to terminate the Matrix within each of your hearts. The very nature of the Universal Creative power is you. Like the lights on a Christmas tree, when one is lighted, the others will follow. Therefore humanity will experience their freedom by becoming the state of mind, soul, and body that controls new and positive realities. Altogether, you will succeed, separated you will fail.

Keep in mind that not all humanity is ready to shift their small consciousness into a broader consciousness, which is why it is imperative to be kind to one another, respect, love, and consider their important choices as you consider your own.

The subjection of peoples to alien subjugation, domination, and exploitation constitutes a denial of fundamental human rights. It is contrary to the charter, an impediment to the promotion of world peace and cooperation. Humans have the right to self-determination; by virtue of that right, they freely determine their status to freely pursue their development.

The control for the inadequacy of political, economic, social, and educational preparedness should never be a pretext for delaying and denying independence. Yet, all have been a HUGE program of MANIPULATION. WAKE up divine beings; you are most of all creators of your reality, and therefore you have the power to save yourselves and your human tribe. Life is changing, growth is optional, choose wisely.♥

I thank you for considering these words I have offered; let the intelligence of your hearts be guided, may all lives be the magnificent presence throughout your Heart, desires, and requirements to make the difference during the now reality.

Ha Ta Ra Sa

Be Divine Forever!



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