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The Secrets of Amenti

The Secrets of Amenti features the original theoretical teachings of the Guardian Alliance as transcribed by E'Asha Ashayana Arhayas (formerly published under Anna Hayes & Ashayana Deane pen names). One of the most informative, fascinating texts available on the purposes, processes, and mechanics of human evolution, monumental events of 2000-2017.Humanity's extraordinary origins and evolutionary destiny, and the hidden purposes of the New Age Movement.

The Halls of Amenti is the Heart of the Divine Mother Earth, her Heart, which is in Eternal, perfect connection with the Heart of all that is. The Halls of Amenti is not just a place; it exists within all hearts, and it's accessible through the portal or Getaway of One's hearts. However, it can be considered the place one perceives when in harmony, connection, and unity with Earth's Divine Mother.

The Halls of Amenti cannot be fully understood literally or even conceptually; It is something to be experienced. Thoth documented his experience in Amenti in The Emerald Tablets for all hearts to know that it is possible. This information was preserved and protected for us to be revealed at this point in time as Humanity is awakening to its true potential. While Thoth revealed many Secrets, they can't be fully integrated until they are lived.

Each of your Divine hearts can experience Amenti in its own way and time. The journey is yours, the journey into knowingness, the journey within to the Source of all. One must be pure of Heart to resonate with the frequency of Amenti because the frequency is pure unconditional Love, Divine Mother Earth's Love.

One's Heart has to be a vibrational match in order to perceive it with clarity, just as all that is from higher vibrational frequencies. One must perceive the collective and all her Divine creatures through the eyes of the Divine Mother Earth as ONE. Envisioning and feeling ourselves holding unconditional Love for the whole of Humanity, it is a good way to understand Earth's loving frequency. Know that each one has a role to play in the whole. To be able to unlock the doors within One's Heart into Amenti, with patience and deep understanding that One is here to Love and respect.

What does it mean to pass through the Halls of Amenti?

Passing through the Halls of Amenti is the process of Enlightenment and Ascension. Enlightenment means seeing and ending all Illusions. The illusions of duality and separation into Oneness. (Enlightenment is to become lighter as a feather, not as the light of the candle.)

Unconditional Love to all that is, the love frequency and internal understanding that comes over time within Oneself Heart. As One sees and takes responsibility for the illusions we all have created, we see the illusions of the world more clearly. One who passes through the Halls of Amenti knows that Love and life itself are true and real. Then The miracle of life takes place. Love will set us free.

Free of the grid matrix system,

Free of the Karmic debt incarnation game grid,

Free to choose to go onto perceive from anywhere in the universe,

This feeling is the Ascension process; it is not about leaving and going anywhere else. It is about the freedom to choose; it becomes a personal choice to hold the 5th Dimension potential of Earth's desire for The Divine Mother Earths' own Ascension, which can be called the Sphere of Amenti. Therefore Divine souls on Earth, now more than ever, focus attention on self-love, forgiveness, Love to all, and Oneness no matter what. This action is the seed potential or space for the birth of a new creation, a new reality.

It is always possible to be manifested here and now. When enough have joined, holding the frequency Of Divine Love and start perceiving from experiencing, from and living, from the vibration within the Sphere of Amenti Divine Mother. This is how one creates the new Earth. A Divine effort of co-creation with Earth sentient beings and being in harmony and alignment with Love and Life of all.

As with all change, it starts from the individual inside out of one Heart; a true and individual level, we all can create changes in our hearts and minds to become United then, act, think, and feel differently, which brings about change within and out the physical reality.

And this is true collective Love; it stars in the Heart of the Divine Mother Earth within the Spheres of Amenti and then expands out. This Sphere of Amenti grows and expands as more and more lend their unique frequency, vision, and desire in alignment with the Earth's desire which is always in alignment with her Divine will.

It is an individual and unique journey for all Hearts. A journey into oneself true knowingness. One that is meant to build trust and faith in our inner voice. Our connection to Source itself is within us all. Once one has passed through the Halls of Amenti, one can hold the door open for others to follow when they are ready, making it possible for more and more of Humanity's Divine souls. We become All and nothing, Everyone and No one simultaneously.

Empower ourselves by Divine will and unconditional LOVE. All Souls had accessed Amenti through the 13th Dimension, aka o dimension the void, from which all is birthed and all dimensions in between. It becomes a choice of where to perceive from, which determines all perspectives, that determines our reality.

Why connect with Amenti?

The answer is clear because Love is real. Once one resonates with and holds the frequency of Amenti in one's Heart, begins an interactive and deeper understanding into the journey to know ourselves. Besides just holding the frequency of the new Earth, there are many things to do, here are just a few;

Access the akashic records is a great way to get to know oneself. Who you have been, what you came to do, and who you indeed are. Earth holds all our records in the neutral perspective, so although we can access these records in many ways, doing it in conscious connections with Earth can give us greater clarity and a true loving glimpse of the overall big picture. Settle and dissolve Karmic debt. We trap ourselves and each other here by our judgments against one another. Letting go of this can free us all.

We see that forgiveness is one of the keys to freeing ourselves. Forgiveness for ourselves then naturally extends to all others. In freeing ourselves, we realize the desire for all others to know this freedom and experience it themselves. Absolution for all Humanity throughout all past lifetimes will free us on the collective level when enough of us dissolve this debt system and hold forgiveness in our hearts. Support the Natural Energy grid of The Divine mother Earth through Love and not fear.

The control Matrix was imposed over Earth's Natural Energy System. It uses the free energy system to create the illusion. Connecting with the original Divine Mother Earth's energy (which is constantly evolving and changing) weakens the Matrix and helps free Earth to flow naturally again to all that is.

Earth teaches and guides us in this process; your Divine hearts hold Love, the key, and intention the partnership with the Divine mother Earth feeling unconditional pure Love. (It is essential to disconnect and avoid thoughts of what is going on outside the Matrix and the manipulation programs. Once our LOVE has experienced Amenti passed through the Halls, we cannot help but be changed in the Here and Now Divine time new Matrix of Ascension to become free once and for all.

As we walk this Earth and live our daily lives, we anchor this frequency as our new reality within the sphere. We live, think, act, and feel in alignment with the highest desires of The Divine Mother Earth and become ONE Love; this is how TOGETHER the world changes. We are the change and will manifest Love with every action. We change our world this way, and the physical world around us will reflect this change more and more when enough Hearts of all of us are ready to live in Love.

Can you see Divine humans? There is much more you all are. Focus on the dormant secrets in the Halls of your Divine hearts. Rather than focus one's attention on entertaining base fear information.

Wake up your divine Hearts.

Ah Ta Ra Sa!♥

Be Divine Forever!




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