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Divine humans

Great, great news to all inhabitants of the Earth; the fear narratives all-around media are to keep your frequency lowered and away from what is about to happen to our beautiful planet and our divine consciousness. I cannot say more.

If you feel lost with all that is going on, starting now, for a week at least, trust in your Hearts, and focus with all your might on anchoring the Love and light from your Heart to all our beautiful Human families worldwide. If you can read between the lines and follow the whispers of your divine Heart, take yourself to the next level of consciousness, for only ONE can decide for Oneself.

Visualize how beautiful and One you are with all the light. Feel how your energy flows to all parts of the planet, filling all beings that breathe the light of the creator, plants, animals, and humanity with Light, Love, and Prosperity, and fill them with your Love.

Now mentally or out loud, repeat the following; Father and Mother of all that exists, thank you for all that I am and all the spiritual wealth I have and carry in my Heart. May all sentient beings be aware of their Love and light and seek it from this moment on. Fill their Hearts with Love and Light across the Earth and be blessed. So be it!♥



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