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Divine souls on earth, it is time to remember...

Divine Souls on Earth, It Is Time to Remember,

Remember, the secrets of the Multiverse all exist within your heart, especially the code to communicate to all sentience beings of the air, water, fire, and earth in all parallel realities of time and space. All you have to do is be willing to thrive fully to let others know what you’ve discovered beyond the Matrix of your reality and then just relax and trust that you are yourself.

In reality, nothing outside of you is real since the reality you are experiencing is based on your subconscious programs and those of the Matrix, which are manipulating you through your electromagnetic devices. Therefore give your attention to what it is that you are vibrating, emanating, from every thought you are entertaining, as for this is the reality you are experiencing. By default, the multiverse will give you more of what you create in many cases. You are the multiverse and nothing else, and it doesn't understand your voice, prayers, your thoughts—instead, the multiverse replies at the speed of light to your emotions.

We love you very much, divine souls on earth.

Therefore we like to bring to your attention that you are creators at all times. So much that there is no difference for the multiverse, and it would be the same if you desire to have a cup of coffee or a million dollars in your hands. There is no difference; the only difference is the vibrational connection you create and entertain, joy or fear. It is within ONEself belief that one creates or prevents from achieving one divine self-expression.

Listen belove creator; I am the Multiverse; remember you always are an individuation of the creator of all that exists in the multiverse and more. You were born as a divine being of the light; you just forgot all about, desiring you, my beloved master, to show me your heart desires, do not be afraid to be divinely selfish; how can you help others when you are not able to help yourself.

I am the Multiverse, listen to me divine master and creator of all your reality; in return, I will show you miracles in your mind, soul, and body, remember I am you, and you are me, God lives in your heart as you are, for I am the mighty creator, I am omnipotent love, I am the Multiverse. Our loving desires are connected with you telepathically; especially now, an influx of vibrational frequency will assist you in many ways. Love is the key, and it is in your heart, divine souls.

Divine minds, let go and travel deep within your heart matrix to open the portal of communications to all that is from higher resonance frequency and not low density. This is the safest way due to many false entities outside of ONEself pretending to be part of us or other higher guides.

Do not take this warning lightly as for there is nothing else you have to do only to reconnect with the divine that you are, perhaps just listening to the intelligence of your body; if you feel tired, just relax, you may feel high geared, you may experience a lot of tingling sensations on your third eye or crown chakras, cravings from your body guiding you to drink citrus, lost of water perhaps other types of food regardless of being vegetarian or not.

We ask you to be kind to yourself to listen, to observe, to scent, to experience all that is; you know when dark thoughts mingle your mind, those thoughts that are based on ego; instead, be aware of the thoughts from the light of your heart; expressing every moment your divinity.

Know that you are not alone and never had been; unfortunately, due to the programs of the matrix, most of you continued looking outside of you for answers. Due to Hollywood movies, many are convinced that we are here to control you.

When in fact, your government is controlling you once again with base fear motives to create disconnection from all of us waiting to make contact with you. Understand that we live in higher vibrational frequencies; we all are one conscious unity of love and light. Many divine souls on Earth vibrate at a low vibrational frequency with almost no life force. They are fragile; they need your kindness and love as well. We kindly ask you to love, love among yourselves, love one to another, and love all that breathes and respires in the air, the water, the fire, and the earth.

You all were made and born out of love, and LOVE is an expression of yourself. Love is real and lives for eternity even when you depart from this reality; love is all that exists; open your mind, let go of your ego. Connect with your heart, and we will connect with you for what you are looking for will find you!

Our loving consciousness has been sent into Gaia, looking for those beings that are ready to receive our messages. Take immeasurable care and understand its essence, share with others and trust that love exists in you, and assist Gaia in her new ascension. Share, make the best use of these messages revealed beloved ones. Make great use of them and be certain of your immeasurable gifts, honor yourself, first of all, so you can honor everything that breathes, respires, and whispers in the Multiverse.

From my heart to your heart.

I am Mut divine mother of the gods!

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