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Beloved men and woman on planet earth,

Like so many other souls on earth, you may be wondering, particularly in this time, that there are more of you to be expressed. Perhaps what is the answer to the great question; Why am I here? The answer is simple, and it is in your heart just listen.

I like to share a perspective upon the topic, dear hearts desiring the enlightening of your spirit;

Many of you live and travel in different stages of awakening consciousness to enable the Multidimensional frequencies encoded within your precious DNA to awaken.

Perhaps to remember what you already know and forgot. You all are precious beings in ONE consciousness. Know this as a fact, and you possess many secrets within the depths of your being; these secrets are for your eyes only, so to speak; trust and remember your Galactic heritage is what others in control desperately want you to ignore and disbelieve.

Wake up to understanding yourself in the many facets you are going through. Your emotions hold everything you want and everything you don't want. And your mind has been trained at the subconscious level to focus on what you don't want. ONE’s reality is not created by ONE intention, hopes, wishes, declarations of affirmations. Since a conditioned subconscious has dictated ONE’s attention, the subconscious takes ONE’s attention away, creating what ONE DON'T want.

Know and love yourself like never before to understand that you are love and conscious light beings, constantly communicating with your conscious or subconscious vibrational emotions. Therefore YOUR attention is what manifests ONE’s reality. YOU create your reality all of the time!

Start or end your day with a big "THANK YOU" to ONEself, to Mother Earth, for all you give me. Start each day honoring yourself in every choice you make, honor our precious Gaia, with much heartfelt say;

Thank you, Mother Aria, for the air I breathe, for the food, fruits, and vegetables that nourish my body with your essence, for the precious waters in whatever form may manifest, for the fire that balances and transmute, for being a wise and loving mother to all that breathes. The immensity of your conscious creation is a reflection of mine always!

Thank you, beloved mother Earth.

Know the power of the ONE heart thoughts creates reality always, in consequence of the thoughts ONE entertains and vibrates as a result of what ONE is allowing within ONE's heart matching the vibrational frequency of your heart desires. The pure intent of your heart consciousness is all you need to create new vibrational realities, allowing ONE to experience that which is dear for ONE noble desire in life.

A humble plea to all of you beloved people on earth, so you can find peace freedom, find your truth, find yourself, find love in every word and action of the day, be kind, be compassionate, be respectful, be patient. Be yourselves in case you forgot how small things could make significant changes and shift your marvelous consciousness and the power of your emotions positively.

Thank you for listening!


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