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144,000 Oracle Project Earth Meditation

Divine Humans on planet Earth,As the powers of the Multiverse, you are begin rearranged to garner the synchronicities that brought you to read this book. Allow you guidance and trust in the process; it proves that you are ready to move toward your desires, not by chance, by allowing your subconscious to manifest and bring what is essential to you. When you less expect, it will be presented to you, by you. It is not a coincidence. Somehow, this process of manifestation has been overlooked or overanalyzed by many.

Synchronized moments are magical, powerful and they do not often appear, but for a brief moment in a person's life, and sometimes when a person ignores it, they will disappear from your field. Many souls on earth will later remember this synchronicity or have aha! Moments, expressing, “Ho my gosh! Gee whiz! Golly!" I should have listened or taken the chance!" whatever might be.

Like this book, you may receive the information in a manner that appears you were looking for or thinking about it. You may realize that the messages you receive may come in the form of a book, the words of a song, or people you may meet. These synchronicities are how the source will keep a person in the flow or guided into receiving their desired. Love for yourself and all is the Key.

The time to change your reality is here.

You can use the following words in front of the mirror while looking into your eyes, every two hours to bring yourself into a conscious now moment;

I have control of what I see,

The world is a reflection of what is inside of me,

I create my own reality.

Beloved humans, the time is now to find your center; you ARE the offspring of heaven and earth since the beginning of your light incarnation. Everything in the Universe is composed of atomic particles. Therefore, YOU are the Universe. Your DNA is pure love consciousness from the creator of all sentient beings of light. Open your mind to your own creations; you are part of something much bigger than you can imagine.

Meditate in whatever form you desire by observing nature, quieting the mind, perhaps closing your eyes, walking barefoot to feel the grass on your feet, etc. Your goal is to visualize humanity's happiness, joy, freedom, and unity consciousness. Focus on unconditional love as this would awaken your heart's vibration. Through this simple process, you are changing the reality on earth and allowing the opportunities to manifest to all.

As you share your consciousness, you are transmuting the earth field with your awareness by only focusing on unconditional love for everything that breathes on Earth.

When you allow your heart's intelligence to guide you, you will easily determine what you will accept to put into your light body, into your energy field, and, most important, into your conscious awareness. Trust the guidance of your body, whatever may be; heart, gut feelings, shivering moments will assist you to balance your divine energy flow.

When you trust in your heart's intelligence, and when you are being presented with the information you are looking for, you will be able to see and feel the wording or advertisements to know which one hole light and which one does not. Perhaps which messages hold more light than another.

Understand and allow the intelligence of your heart and body to guide you, and there is no need to ask your friends, family, or your beloved for their opinion on what you desire to experience as being good or not for you. You have this built-in awareness conscious in your heart; it is the magnificent ability to discern and love.


Most of the time, they don’t vibrate the same frequency. In other words, they don't speak the same language since they all have their own concerns. The other person you may want to ask for their opinion may not vibrate the same frequency as you are. Therefore, whatever you think will be good for you, the other person may think different since they are not necessary for the same vibrational energy frequency you are.

By allowing and trusting ONEself abilities and body intelligence to guide you, you will develop confidence that will assist you to feel that you are in harmony to experience that which is essential to you. Remember, what you are looking for, is looking for you!

Allow synchronicities to manifest, let go of the want to know all about how you will receive, whatever is desired. Allow the synchronized vibration of your heart to navigate to your quantum space and show you divine being of the light the miracle you are, precious humans on Earth. Believe that you can create the best reality when you trust in your heart. The blueprint abilities of your multidimensional being will always be there, waiting to be ignited in the best way possible for you!

For example; When you meditate, focusing on unconditional love to all that breathes and respires on Earth, or when you go to sleep, disconnect all electromagnetic devices, turn off your Wi-Fi, cell phones, computers, TVs, any electromagnetic devices, and take them out of your sleeping area. Do not allow an electromagnetic frequency to stream around you while meditating or sleeping. Because the electromagnetic frequencies will mix and invade your field as you meditate and all that is behind this powerful manipulation frequency.

Trust in the intelligence of your heart and body; you will receive pure love and light frequency during your meditation. As you allow your awareness to focus on unconditional love, you will feel the connection of all those beloved hearts allowing us to raise our vibration to connect as the ONE heart of all.

Keep in mind that when you decide that you want something the opposite of what you want, it will also be part of your awareness. Therefore is up to you to observe and hold your convictions. Remember, you are magnificent, and each day you can assist and be part of human history, you are creating history.

Thank you for listening beloved hearts,


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