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Dear heart manifest from within,

A perfect world is when you are in tune with your higher self-power. Therefore all that you think, feel, and do comes to you in a manner of a higher vibration, allowing you to see things manifest just because you let go! If money makes you happy, be in alignment with that vibration, be thankful for all you already have, be happy to have as much as you desired to, consider that many out in the world are happier with less than what you may have.

Many people comment that one should not want money because the desire for money is worldly and not spiritual. There is no blame to this realization that you are here and now on Earth, to experience all you want in a very physical world where Spirit has materialized. One cannot separate from the aspect of being Spiritual.

Instead, keeping your vibrations high, since what you think, feel, and do you would always affect eighteen miles of space around, above, and below you. So think, feel rich, perhaps not in possessions or money, but when you acknowledge that you are richer than you think you are, Notice that you are rich already in mind, body, and spirit.

It is gratitude for having the most precious thing on earth, a heart, a mind, a life experience. The desire to be free and thankful will open the doors of your abundance. It has always been within you; the key is to love yourself and be very thankful just because YOU CAN!

Moreover, what your subconscious mind is thinking, will manifest regardless of you want it or not, so make your world as perfect as you are divine souls, use the power of your heart to manifest your noble desires in life. How can you be of service to others when you experience lack or worry instead of abundance?

You are free! You are capable of creating more; you just have to match the frequency of your desires and allow the magic of your heart to provide you. Hold this thought in mind because this will shift things all around you. When you understand that the reality you are in is being accepted and created by you, even though others had set it in motion. You will think twice about what you are entertaining each day, especially on the full moon, as it's set to work and creates more of what you don't want.

Remember, perfection is only a perception of how you see things; let go of your ego. There is only true love in everything; you just forget how to use your heart muscle. Understanding what others do, say, or feel has nothing to do with you; this doesn't mean separating from another; your experiences' results are based on how you utilize your hearth vibration, which is the nonphysical energy from your thought process. Next time you consciously offer yourself a thought, a process of reflection, tell yourself.

!My story is and will be different from now on!

You must begin each day by telling a different story about yourself, with divine love peace in your heart for yourself and all.

May the Sun's golden liquid light bless you with love and light in all days of your life.

Thanks for listening!

Love you!

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