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Dear beloveds listen with the ears of your heart…

Let the light of your heart shine; it’s the only light that will dispel the darkness. There will be times of trouble, loneliness, sadness, insecurity, depression, and a lack of peace. Darkness can only be light as the light of truth, the light within, the light from the creator. Let his light shine on you and deliver it to all who need it to shine again.

It is urgent and necessary that more and more people open their hearts to the creator within. This task is so important, and why it is so important always to stay connected to all creation of the creator, so your brightness can become stronger, more intense, and more constant. Do not let worldly weaknesses overshadow your brightness. Because by staying connected to the creator, you will experience your inner peace, in which you can live every moment, and then your light will scintillate around the world. Your light will be the light of creation.

Allow Compassion, forgiveness, love, peace, truth, beauty, and goodness to be free from your heart to be felt and expressed. This doesn’t mean going out and preaching; instead, be yourself and experience yourself in kindness. Be humble, respectful, compassionate, conscious, and loving towards yourselves. And everything around ONEself.

Allow the universe and all creations of the ONE to be delivered when you are open to receive and experience yourselves; know that I live in you as you are, my love.

This is my creation and presence among you. Let nothing obscure the light of your higher selves, the light of creation, shining forth from your hearts.

Before time and space, I am with you, always for eternity.

Thank you for listening with your heart.


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