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Be before you are,

Dear hearts!

Find the best way of expression to make contact with the whole expression of the Universal mind, feel your connection, allow the flow of energy to fulfill your soul so that you can accomplish your noble desires in life.

Many beloved Hearts receive the information channeling our beloved Arcurians, Pleiadians, Androimedans, other start families, etc. I receive downloads, kind of a fax from source to transmit to those listening. What a marvelous nuance of the rainbow we all are. Like a subtle difference or distinction in expression, in response, on how is it that source want you to connect with it.

Listen with the ears of your Heart; the answers have always been there. Speak the voice of unconditional love. The One Heart within all, it is then that you will BE before you ARE. There are those that don't even know we helped pave the road they are walking, where they found the courage, how the inspiration came, or why they knew the words to use. To be blunt, you, beloved hearts!

You are the way-maker for all those who are awakening from a very similar history of density.

We all are One.

I love you! Thank you for listening. Namaste!

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