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I am Pleiadian


I like to share this message I receive from my star family, the Pleiadians; to you all dear hearts;

You all are part of something much bigger than you can understand. You have experienced and know that help has been granted to those who are true within their hearts. Each of you, beloved children, has access to a vast vault of knowledge and riches available in divine right and divine order. To ask for assistance, you only can make it happen by using your heart's conviction to better and open the portal where your pure Heart will guide you to reach for your own star.

Dear, people of the Earth, worrying about an inexistent future only creates fear and an imbalance within your etheric field. Trust, follow your heart desires to surrender to your higher self, the closest part of God within you. Let your ego-mind in the 3D and allow your spirits to soar the seas of the 5Dimentional consciousness, the unlimited potential of your multidimensional being to BE!

We are the Pleiadians,


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