What are the dimensions of  Ascension?
We can take advantage of the available wave light frequencies and be part of this. 

Magnificent life force.

Beloved hearts, many have questioned what Dimensions are?

Dimensions are not places or locations; they’re levels of consciousness that vibrate at a certain rate. There are numerous dimensions; the fourth and fifth are simply higher than those in which we’ve been living. Once we move and are part of the Ascension, we would move into even higher dimensions even after we’ve reached the fifth.

♥Honoring The Earth all of the time!♥

While entering your super consciousness field, trust your intuition allowing your precious Heart to guide you and assist you in communicating with the intelligent field of your quantum reality. The super consciousness is the part of you that connects to the quantum field; this is not a place. The quantum field is everything; there is no time; therefore, connecting to your superconsciousness will merge you in the quantum field. You will start to know new things, learn new skills. By awakening new abilities, your mind would open new potentials, the possible realities of the Divine that you genuinely are.


Each dimension vibrates at a higher rate than the one below. There is a more accurate, broader perspective of reality in each higher dimension, a higher level of knowledge. We experience more freedom, higher power, and more opportunity to create realities. 

Understand that the whole structure of reality is collapsing, including time “the 24 hours a day“ as you know it. While a new timeless parallel reality is emerging. From

a higher point of view, closer to the 

absolute, one is the Source's grade of total consciousness. The one that understands and includes everything. And the degrees of consciousness are only the result of the self-imposed limitations of that Whole. What would be a point of attention-consciousness called an eternal " the soul." The degree of consciousness is a self-contained point of attention with self-imposed limits by the attachments of perception that a person's consciousness has.

When performing the Hyperspace Healing Sessions, the higher vibrational energy transmission happens from a different space-time, utilizing ultrasonic signals to make contact in the quantum space of your reality like a transmission far distant in space. The magnificent interstellar beings will take care of you. 

It is being said; ONE must ascend and shift into the Fifth Dimension. It doesn't mean that one will be leaving behind their loved ones. Understand that Ascension is only a state of mind within One's heart from where all begins. Know that communications happen with the voice of One's Heart "LOVE" frequency of vibration on the Fifth Dimension. One interacts with all that is within and out of the Matrix. Remember divine souls God you are; therefore, Ascension is the path of order through which consciousness evolves through a structured multidimensional system. Moreover, the process of dimensional ascension, biological and planetary evolution is the accretion, drawing Golden liquid light frequency bands into the blueprint of who you are. "Your morphogenetic field in the now."Within Parallel realities of time and space, unlimited probabilities within the Matrix, One creates all of the time. One shifts and moves in the subliminal veil of all illusions of the fractal consciousness of One's reality.
Allow yourself to Awaken your psychic and extraordinary abilities to fulfill your noble desires in life,
not just temporarily but permanently.