The Jehovian Seals


These seals were created by the race called the Jehovah Anunnaki. And basically, the J-Seals were set to activate at certain points from 2000 to 2008, and when they were activated, they create lots of problems on the earth and also in every energetic human anatomy, since we are connected with the earth, and we share that energetic structure. Just as if someone poking holes in the earth, they are poking holes in every person on the planet.


On the right side of this sentence is a chart where the seals are located.


Now the question is;


Have you ever had any physical problems on the left side of your body the location at the same seven embody J-Seals?


This is where most of the issues happened for many people manifested as physical problems. If a person has something on his or her circulatory system and stops the energy from flowing, eventually they are going to manifest a physical blockage.


That is how physical blockages happen, first as a blockage of energy and if this is not cleared, then it will manifest as a physical issue or disease.


The Earth has twelve Axiatonal vertical energy lines around the globe. The Seals are located on Axiatonal line 7.


This corresponds to the left side of the human body, refer to the picture above. These seals potentially manifest death and have been called the ‘Death seals.' The original Angelic Human DNA template was built for biological transmutation.


This meant that the body would not die, but turn into light or a less dense form when ready to ascend.  Additionally, the original Angelic Human DNA, twelve strand template called the Diamond Sun Template, was meant to activate as follows:

Between the ages of 12-22, DNA strands 4-6 (which corresponds to your soul identity) would automatically be activated.


Between the ages of 23-33, DNA stands 7-9 (which corresponds to your Oversoul identity)  would automatically be activated. 


Between the ages of 33-44, DNA stands 10-12 (which corresponds to your Christos Avatar self)  would automatically be activated. 


Due to distortions on the Earth’s planetary grids and distortions in your DNA template, the DNA cannot activate automatically. The original organic imprint for health was disturbed. The J- Seals and other implants are responsible for the DNA distortions.


If the J-Seals are not cleared from one’s energetic anatomy, the body can experience progressive deterioration. These seals are the reason why so many people experience physical discomfort or disease on the left side of their bodies.


The removal of the J-Seals on humans results in an instant healing of some parts of their body areas. Therefore, removing these J-Seals effects positive results on the DNA strands and their activation.

The unnatural seals clearing are the most profound clearings anybody can experience.


During these sessions, the transmutation of all the Unnatural Seals related to the death cell programs, called by scientist {apoptosis}. The Crown of Thorn's clearing is one of the causes that hold the beliefs and prevent you from materializing your noble desires in life.

The cell death programs are called as the cells after a certain amount of time commit suicide, or the telomere part of the DNA starts to divide and divide, and the telomere gets to the point where they cannot divide anymore, and they die. These blockages would be clear from your DNA program permanently.


Allowing you to create your natural and divine right, this is the energy configuration above the head that scrambles the energy, the prime life force current coming down through your crown chakra.  What happened was that an energetic indoctrination was infused into humanity and this Crown of Thorns was part of that energetic anatomy within all human DNA tampering and distortions. 

This was done to humanity an indoctrination into their belief system. The Crown of Thorns is an energetic configuration that people carries around, and when it is clear, you are going to notice that many things would chance and open up for you in your life. 


This is a fascinating, extreme and intense Clearing.


The Zeta Seal is an unnatural seal created by a race of beings called the Zetas and is located in the 4th DNA strand. The Zeta seal blocks the 5th DNA strand from plugging into the lower strands and thus block people from ascending and evolution of higher consciousness.

It thus serves as a sort of” frequency Fence.”


All human soul incarnations since 1748 AD have the Zeta seal distortions with their 4th DNA strand. This 4th DNA mutation has been created an unnatural blockage between their higher self-aspect of identity and the dimension four astral awareness. This blockage manifests greater fragmentation within the dream state, causing difficulty in remembering or performing out of body experiences or astral travel. It causes an unnatural blockage of the heart chakra and represses the natural intuitive senses.


The Zeta frequency fence on earth made it easy for the Zetas to directly influence human behavior, as it connected the human DNA directly into the Zeta Collective mind complex. Controlling the populations since 1748, human behavior has been directly influenced on subconscious levels by the program that is being broadcasted from the Zeta Collective Mind Complex.